Did Hell Freeze Over?

I know I have been a little groggy with medications, but what did I miss?

Ronaldo was benched.

Messi was traded.

Now I am not an expert, but you know that silly little thing won’t stop me from chiming in. In a year when trade rumors and gossip are filled with the biggest names in the world, at least Robert Lewandowski is still at Bayern Munich. Lewy not being at Bayern is kind like God not being in heaven.

But alas, look no further than about 300 miles northwest where The Kid Erling Haaland, is the heir apparent it seems.

My Reds struggled yet once again against those wacky Southampton Saints. They seem to have our number, but at least we got a point.

Another indication hell froze over was because when I woke up this morning, I turned on the news channel. Now I don’t subscribe to the Republican News channel or the Democrat News channel.

The news is the news.

When did we start “coloring” it with our thoughts and opinions? Filtering is another name for it.

The news (back when news was news) was filtered through the cigarette smoke of Edward R. Murrow, through the brushy moustache of Walter Cronkite, and the fighting spirit of Diane Sawyer.

I was under the impression that filtered news was akin to VNA’s. Advertisements disguised as real news. If that is truly the case, what are they selling?

A big load of bullshit that’s what.

So Republicans will continue to swear by FOX News while Democrats regurgitate what CNN says. And of course, who are those most affected by the divisive us-vs-them mentality?

No drum roll needed.

The American people, that’s who.

Looking very much like assholes as we lecture the planet on our supremacy. Shut the fuck up or fix The Machine.

It’s broken.

After you resuscitate this patient known as The United States of America (after we are truly united states), then we can at least earn the arrogance with which we operate on a global basis.

Until then, we’re just like the big-mouth kid in high school bragging about his many conquests.

Talking shit but can’t back it up.

There I went again on another tangent dancing on the periphery of the American political landscape.

Who came up with the expression “hell freezes over” anyway?

I guess it is better than the opposite.

“Heaven burns.”

I like it hot.

I also don’t care to drown if possible. So for me, it would be the melting of the polar caps here on planet Earth. Then the ice would melt, the entire orb would be submerged under a mile of water, and what few survivors there were would die a grisly, lonesome death as a result of starvation, dehydration, and cannibalism.

Who knew the Kevin Costner bomb Waterworld would actually portray the real demise of us all?

That is a lovely thought on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Mason, Ohio. Not hell-hot, but I like the weather in Arizona. The Domestic Despot was growing tired of it, and I am so glad we moved here.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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