The Blame Game

Everyone does it.

Not many people are evolved enough to go through life without blaming someone or something.

For the most part, I am good with my spot on the totem pole of athletes.

Nowhere near the top, but also no way near the bottom either.

When you combine a fierce resolve to win with a fierce hatred of losing, some crazy things can happen, most of them good.

Play a game with college to pro levels of officiating and then compare the number of fouls called on an inner-city Detroit basketball court in a pickup game. For some reason, there is always some kind of playground hero who shows up and plays at an NBA level.

He’s fair-skinned, good looking, and everybody wants to be his friend.

He just smiles, turns away, and heads to Arby’s.

To work.

He could blame the injuries he sustained, or the out-gunned team he played on, or any of a hundred other excuses, but he just puts on his apron and punches the time clock.

China blames that whacky Nancy Pelosi for everything.

Poor old bird.

Quit sending us letters for more money.

I might sound like an old country boy, but you didn’t seem to do so well with all the money given you so far.

I don’t blame.

I attribute.

I attribute my non-victory (I refuse to write the word “loss”) to a confluence of factors that appeared to be out of my control.


That’s pretty chickenshit.

I never blamed alcohol, drugs, and other people’s girlfriends for anything.

Good or bad.

I never blamed the over-zealous police officers from four different states that pulled me over and arrested me for DUI.

Of course I am guilty! I did it. I drank alcohol and ate Quaaludes while driving down a busy street, smoking hash, and shooting off my .38 caliber into the starry night. I am a stupid-ass that can’t seem to learn the lessons of the law. If anybody needs to be taken off the streets and thrown in jail it is me.

But that’s not what my lawyers had me say in court.

I sounded and spoke like someone I didn’t know, but wouldn’t want to hang out with, either.

But all I was doing was staying my erratic course.

Once again I was let go, only to return to the very same courtroom two weeks later.

I am in control of everything I do on this planet.

All the good.

And all the bad.

There is way more good, than bad, but I own it all, as should we all.

I love the expression “dominate your lifespace.” It is what I preached to my kitchen staff and especially the new trainees. The culture was one that clearly showed us as a collective of badasses, and to fit in, you had to be a badass.

Get it?

I was actually able to take a night off work on occasion, and know my food would be produced per the recipe.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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