Why follow me?

If you are free-thinking, respectful, inclusive, sensitive, caring, wacky, loyal, optimistic, occasionally off-color, or human, I’m your guy. I am 66 years young and I am just getting started. I am a writer, musician, singer-songwriter, and now, a blogger. I was a wood-loader, dishwasher, prep cook, short-order cook, Sous Chef, Executive Chef, restaurant server, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Co-Owner, Painting and Construction Conractor, Stock Trader, National Sales Manager, University Finance Counselor, and finally Senior Academic Counselor before retiring. I have travelled extensively including Europe and the Orient and many stories I tell reflect the colorful places and cultures assimilated.

I really believe I have synthesized the storytelling process and the result is an entirely new genre. Feel free to jump in on the blog and let me know what’s up!


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