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Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thomas Jefferson wrote that and if anyone was in a position of power for the United States, it was him. Power comes in many forms. There is the physical power of athletes who spend hours each day lifting weights and getting bigger and (hopefully) more powerful. Actors and actressesContinue reading “Power”

The Return of Maddogg

We know the Satin Latin is back, but guess who showed up at an open mic tonight in the coolest little venue I have ever lifted a guitar in? Maddogg is back. Two days removed from the Cardiovascular post-op ICU I finally make my way out to a little town called Pleasant Plain. (I wishContinue reading “The Return of Maddogg”


Why are we still using so much paper? It has been estimated that worldwide we cut down 15 billion trees per year. What’s wrong with other sources such as hemp, cotton, or bamboo? The education industry in which I toiled for the better part of two decades is the biggest user of paper, but IContinue reading “Paper”

Here We Go Again

Back in the hospital for the clearing out of my right corraded artery. This is way worse than the 6 stents they put in my heart last time. The IVs they have both of my hands shackled with are way more painful than my last go round. I am getting help for this blog whichContinue reading “Here We Go Again”

Thanks But No Thanks

Before I became the Sexiest Amputee on Earth, I roamed the countryside with reckless abandon and two legs that very much resembled a Michelangelo statue. My parents raised me right and I have always respected any handicapped person with no sense of sympathy.  I was raised to help people in need. People that legitimately neededContinue reading “Thanks But No Thanks”


Who came up with the idea of licensing things? I am sure it could only happen in a capitalist climate. A way to keep track of someone or something and generate income doing so. I am writing about licenses because the mean, racist old lady at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles sent me homeContinue reading “Licenses”


So it is about six o’clock and my two doggies are getting restless. There is a small elementary school about a block away and we take the boys there to run in the large fields. Best on the weekends, but after school, it is an awesome dog run. I love watching the two knuckleheads runningContinue reading “Privacy”

I Was Scammed

Who done me wrong? That fat Gregory the Groundhog or Chucky the Woodchuck as Karen calls it, is nowhere to be seen. After reporting his existence on the weekend, his presence and the danger he represented to my two Cocker Spaniels prompted me to call a Wildlife Rescue organization to remove and relocate the pudgyContinue reading “I Was Scammed”


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