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Here are some pictures displaying my optimism for the opening match for my Manchester United Reds. You will see a considerable “before and after” effect. I don’t like the new manager (Erik (“cue ball, side pocket”) Ten Hag. I think he is arrogant and reminds me of past United managers that just didn’t fit withContinue reading “Enough”

The Lebanon Blues Festival

We braved the ominous black clouds that were hovering all day, and were rewarded with some kickass music from a great assortment of musicians including long-time sidekick to Muddy Waters, headliner Bob Margolin. Piano man Ben Levin boogie-woogied, and flat out tore the top off the valley with his electric fingers. Diminutive guitar blues wizardContinue reading “The Lebanon Blues Festival”

Blind Melon Maddogg

I went to the little town of Centerville, Ohio for their blues jam. It is called the Hidden Gem and it is literally behind a strip mall, hence its name. It has a good vibe, although there is no food service. They do pour alcohol but the music was a step beyond kick-ass. The hostsContinue reading “Blind Melon Maddogg”


Finally. A subject that, after thirty-five years, I can speak of with a modicum of experience. As I have stated previously, I was the absolute last person on earth who would ever even consider the idea of matrimony. No way. Not for me. Love ‘em and leave ‘em. Although truth be told, it more timesContinue reading “Matrimony”


I missed skateboarding when it first came out as an activity for kids because I was living in a tiny Japanese village. However, everyone had a bicycle. Even in towns and even larger cities, swarms of bicycles. When I returned to the states, we didn’t stay in my birth state of California, we went allContinue reading “Skateboarding”

Once They Smell Blood…

I’m talking about closers. It is the reason that I never became a billionaire. I have chronicled my time holding an NASD stock dealer’s license and my up and down career in that arena. The closers were the heartless, callous, rude, pushy assholes who were driving around BMW’s and Porsches, while I drove to workContinue reading “Once They Smell Blood…”

Under Attack

OK. Jo-jo is getting eaten alive by viruses. Now, I might just be an old country boy from East L.A., but somebody better fix him. Fast. If Kamala Harris takes the reins of this country, good luck to us all. You think it sucks now….. I am not impressed with her political savvy nor herContinue reading “Under Attack”


It’s not every day, or often enough, for that matter, that you see or hear something and it makes you say “wow!” out loud. In researching songs to add to my playlist, I came upon a video on YouTube posted in 2103. It featured Stevie Ray Vaughn (the King of West Texas blues) and JeffContinue reading “Wow!”

Goodbye and Farewell

The closer I get to my own denouement, the more people that pass into the Next Sphere that have affected my life. I was a Leave it to Beaver guy. Wally (Tony Dow) was the prototypical big brother from the fifties. I suppose he reminded me of my own big brother. Eddie Haskell was money.Continue reading “Goodbye and Farewell”


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