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Physical and mental pain are our co-habitants on our journey through life. Deal with it. Nice. Lots of sympathy and empathy. I have a very high threshold for pain and I know that some of it was gained at a very early age because I was raised (by my brother) that pain was for pussiesContinue reading “Pain”


The year was 1979 and I had been in Las Vegas for a couple years of pure hedonism. One of my many adventures happened, as most did, fueled by alcohol and drugs. I had a very rich girlfriend (my girlfriend of five years had walked out on me. She had every right). I was aContinue reading “Helicopter”

What A Dream!

Man, I had the weirdest dream last night. I was in a dead sleep and when I say dead, believe it when I say you will NOT be successful in trying to awaken me. A futile pursuit indeed. Karen and I are on this C-135 big military transport plane, and I think there were otherContinue reading “What A Dream!”

Rainy Season

The painters show up for day two and they already have the walls, trim, and ceilings done with the first coat. So they are really going at a fast clip and it looks like we might get it wrapped up by Friday. One of the lads professes to be a Fighting Irish football fan. IContinue reading “Rainy Season”


Here’s a real Up with Life moment. The painters started today and they are good. Fast, clean, and efficient. I sat in the living room and turned on the telly to kill some time. I put on the headphones and treated myself to the documentary Cannibal Island. Based on one of the most horrifying crimesContinue reading “Cannibalism”


I won’t pursue this subject on any other level than motion pictures. Music has so many remakes, but like with movies, most are stinko, or at least never come close to recapturing the magic with a sequel. Before I start getting into my personal favorites, let’s acknowledge that there is still one and only oneContinue reading “Remakes”

Modern Weddings

Karen and I had a tiny wedding. There was myself, my bride, my bandmates, my brother who put together a feast for us, and his assistant. Oh yeah, there were also seven of my ex-girlfriends there. I know, I know, but Karen was the one who told me to invite them. I guess she figuredContinue reading “Modern Weddings”


I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to anymore. I’m just not as hungry as I used to be. Oh, every so often I will overindulge with a potent indica strain and then I will put on the feedbag. And I am always amazed at how delicious everything tastes, and how cool theContinue reading “Hunger”


I won’t deny it; I am unable to escape the shadow of my kissing prowess. As one of the great smoochers on this planet I can say there is no better way to communicate an emotion than a meaningful kiss. They don’t even have to be long, wet, sloppy kisses (although those are crazy fun,Continue reading “Kissing”


This is one of the easiest blogs to write all year, because I feel like I literally live out the thanks I have. For being born in my family. For travelling around the world and embracing and being embraced by different peoples. For learning that pain is universal and inescapable. For meeting the different markersContinue reading “Thanksgiving”


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