Ten People (Pt. II)

We left off yesterday with my list of ten people from history I would like to smoke a bowl of very high THC content medical marijuana with. Today we countdown to Number One.

5Leonardo Davinci—(1452-1519)—His IQ has been estimated at 200. Here’s a guy who never really painted much, but painted two of the greatest paintings ever, Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper. He never received a formal education, opting to start an apprenticeship at a prominent artist’s studio at age 15. He was the greatest sculptor of his time, with only a few years of training under his belt, oh, and on top of all this, he was a gay man driving the world through the Renaissance. He was also a musician, scientist, engineer, inventor, and architect. How could you NOT want to smoke a bowl with this guy? Just to hear him talking shit. Awesome.

4Marie Curie—(1867-1934)—Arguably the greatest scientist of all-time male or female. Madame Curie won 2 Nobel Prizes for her work with radioactivity and chemistry. She is also credited with discovering the elements Radium and Polonium. What I would like to do is get Marie (“May I call you Marie?”) to hear of how horrible the future would look like if she did not address one thing. She needs to devote all of her education, training, experience, and instincts to find a way to prevent our ability to split the atom. This would not allow for the process of fission to occur, having these effects: No Hiroshima or Nagasaki. No Three Mile Island, and never, ever again going to bed at night worrying if some idiot was going to threaten our very existence with the simple act of hitting the “enter” key.

3Ada Lovelace—(1815-1852)—Ada is the daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron, so more accurately, Ada Byron of Lovelace. Ada was a self-educated mathematician and is largely considered the very first computer programmer. She worked conceptually, without a physical model of a machine that could perform simple tasks using a sophisticated “language.” Way, way ahead of her time. So you know what I would do? I would bring in the undisputed King of the Hill (still) in the computer world, Bill Gates. To listen. Maybe he could learn something.

2Plato—(429?-347)—I absolutely have to include Plato. First of all, when were you born? Had to get that out of the way. I admit I have a tendency to be a bit loquacious (my soulmate wife Karen prefers to characterize me as a “bloviating gasbag.”) But Plato makes me look good. In my opinion, The Republic is stinko. Boring. I put him here because I would like to see how his renowned oratory skill would be affected. Q Why did you take so many words to outline a simple doctrine of states rights? A “Why for that, too”. See what I mean? Boring.

1Cleopatra (69 bc-30 bc)— If the real Cleopatra looks anything like Elizabeth Taylor did in the 1963 movie… Say no more. If I were a lesbian, I’d be all over her.

Stay well.   

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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