My Hottest Hot Streak

…came at the conclusion of the 2008-2009 NCAA football season. I had enjoyed a very mediocre track record what with losing most of my homer Notre Dame bets, but gaining ground on the other games. At the corporate workplace I was being babied at, there was a rule against pools, or any form of gamblingContinue reading “My Hottest Hot Streak”

Carry On

The more things change, the more they stay the same… The Golden State Warriors won another NBA title, Manchester City bought the world’s best striker in Erling Harlen, and my Manchester United are doing absolutely nothing, except watch players fleeing due to mismanaged contracts. I think losing Jesse Lingard will return to bite them inContinue reading “Carry On”


As soulmate to a strong woman, I am deeply offended at anything that offends her. To characterize the recent overturn of Roe v Wade as offensive is offensive to the word offensive. (see what I did there?) You can make lists ‘til the cows come home, but I just want the names of all ofContinue reading “WTF?”

Embarrassed? I think not.

I have been very busy the last few days and I am finalizing my playlist for my 8-11 gig tomorrow night at Woolly’s Watering Hole in Franklin, OH. I’ll give away a couple books and T-shirts so as to leave a small footprint for a possible return gig. Why should I be embarrassed? I haveContinue reading “Embarrassed? I think not.”

Golf Tale

I was sitting here at my desk checking out some of the framed pics I keep close. One I keep very close is the shot of me, on the Tournament Player’s Championship golf course in Scottsdale. I only had a few occasions to play there, and I managed to be invited there on three occasions.Continue reading “Golf Tale”


We are all guilty of it. It has been ingrained in us since we were small enough to remember characters in kid’s books (Charlotte’s Web, Alice in Wonderland), the list goes on and on. Who doesn’t remember the humanity of Felix the Cat and Bugs Bunny? And the internet is perpetuating the whole thing. ScrollContinue reading “Anthropomorphism”


Sometimes, when you least expect it, something happens in your life that takes you aback. It infuses you with a totally new and different perspective. I had one of those moments at breakfast yesterday morning. Truth be told, I was feeling a little down on myself for hurting so much even though I have reallyContinue reading “Connecting”

Smiling Faces

I was pleased at the size and exuberance of the crowd at my 2pm show today at the Kingston Nursing Home. It was a cool retreat from the crazy humid-heat we are experiencing and I arrived early to set up. With the help of Dan the Therapy Man, who helped me set up and loadContinue reading “Smiling Faces”