Stray Thoughts

A rather beautiful sunny day in southern Ohio, albeit cold and the bountiful trees reduced to an eerie forest of gray skeletons. I see my home state of California is now under an official Tsunami Advisory. When you combine a disaster of epic proportions with the most populous state in the United States, well, itContinue reading “Stray Thoughts”

Keen Observations

I see that Britain has announced that, according to one of their studies, our planet is heating up. Don’t you just love how countries will every so often make a public stance telling us absolutely nothing new and nothing we didn’t already know? As they deliver their findings to the world, they act as ifContinue reading “Keen Observations”

Chilling on a Hike

There was a time, back in the day, when you could drive your car or truck (SUV’s weren’t invented yet), all the way up to the very end of Sabino Canyon down in Tucson. I went up to Reddington Pass one afternoon with a girl to whom I was pitching woo. We took a caseContinue reading “Chilling on a Hike”

Return to the Future

If you have been shopping for groceries lately, the shelves are starting to look sparse again, at least some of the Kroger’s I have visited. That is why I only buy general canned items there and everything else at Dorothy Lane Market. I do not mind the price disparity, because their baked good and meat,Continue reading “Return to the Future”

Hang With Me

I found a jar of old school Maui Blue Hawaiian weed that is beleve it or not, drum roll please…. is thirty-five years old. It was inside something that you just throw into a box when you are moving, and since I am married to my perfect angel who NEVER THROWS ANYTHING AWAY, I droppedContinue reading “Hang With Me”

Scrapple and Other Things

Does anyone really know what is in scrapple? I mean, when one of your main ingredients is offal, defined as “ the inedible parts of a butchered animal carcass,” is it any wonder you haven’t pursued this delicacy known as scrapple? Now, here comes the country boy in me, but I don’t routinely eat inedibleContinue reading “Scrapple and Other Things”

God, Are You Listening?

You really tested us in 2021 and we face another uncertain near-future with the new mutant strain claiming lives as fast as we can refuse to take the vaccine. Go figure. I was just checking in to see if you had any surprises for us this year. Truth is, we could use a small breakContinue reading “God, Are You Listening?”

I Did it Again

Once again, my mad computer skills. Not only did I not post my 403rd blog yesterday, I somehow deleted it entirely from my computer. So here’s a few observations: Enough with commercials showing people loading up ten pounds of food on a plate made of pressed paper, only to see the food spill all overContinue reading “I Did it Again”

School’s in for Winter

It appears that with the dropping temperatures come rising expectations to have our fireplace working tomorrow. They should have our covered porch done tonight. You know one of the things I like to do socially is smoke weed. I always have. However, with the pandemic and the New Abnormal, I don’t want to die toContinue reading “School’s in for Winter”

Being On Time

I am so thankful that I have taken this path. One that sees me wake up every day next to my soulmate in this world and the next. When I was engrossed in the business arena and the everlasting pursuit of profit, I was absolutely insistent on prompt appointments. I lost more deals because IContinue reading “Being On Time”