Wait for it…

This is a short story I wrote on about a fifteen minute break from working the restaurant at closing time. Trust           At approximately 1:30 am Eastern Standard Time, at a family-dining chain restaurant in central Florida, an ex-employee pushed his way through the back door and into the kitchen. His two friends quickly dartedContinue reading “Wait for it…”

School Dayz

Man. I don’t know how parents do it. Every day they send their kids to school not knowing if they will be coming home in one piece. I actually wrote this shorty BEFORE Columbine. Little did I know…. Attention to Detail                    They finally did it. We asked them to stop, but they had toContinue reading “School Dayz”

Go Ask Alice

An electric passenger plane? Very cool.  The Israeli-based company that made it has made aviation history. When you think of all the rich assholes who use private planes for meaningless short trips just because they can, this will at least reduce the cost-per-asshole quotient. Alice is her name. The latest greedy bastards to try andContinue reading “Go Ask Alice”

Board Games

I didn’t talk to my stepfather for two weeks because he beat me in chess one time. It had taken me years to get to the point where I could finally beat him and like the terrible winner I was, I didn’t let a day go by without reminding him who was the chess masterContinue reading “Board Games”

Sleeping In

Since I am posting this blog about twelve hours later than usual, I am sure you understand. I slept in. I don’t use the term overslept, because quite frankly, I don’t think there is such a thing. I love sleep. Next to being stoned, it is the best use of hours we have as aContinue reading “Sleeping In”

Think About It

`1Two million people as of about an hour ago, are without power in the wake of Hurricane Ian. I knew two Ian’s in my lifetime. One was a pussy, and the other was one of the meanest SOB’s you would ever run across. Best be left alone and not to be fucked with. Kind ofContinue reading “Think About It”

Two Words

Describe the United States of America in two words. In my lifetime (68 years and counting), I have seen my two-word description change and change back. I guess I would describe my first five years in a Safe and Powerful country. As we entered the sixties, I would use Happy and Riotous to describe halfContinue reading “Two Words”

The Face of Pain

So I am up enjoying my morning coffee, when I turn on the telly to see Margaret Brennan interviewing The Man…Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. My gut reaction? What a fantastic forest green dress Brennan is wearing. Then, as I watched the man describing what is happening in his country, and how, with the U.S. leadingContinue reading “The Face of Pain”