I admit it.

I have recycled very few things in my life. I only recycle the usual items that two people (and two Cocker Spaniels) produce and that is because my wife makes me. Not that I don’t care about our planet or the future, I just never had enough sense or reason to even consider being that thoughtful about my refuse. Now Karen will actually wash the trash before putting it in the trash receptacle. That drives me absolutely nuts! I have never recycled by littering either. My own wacky, unbiased opinion, is that people who litter: trash, cigarette butts, old mattresses, soiled baby diapers, bodies, etc. are unclean individuals. Try this: treat your planet like you would treat your immediate environment—your house, your office, or your bedroom, for example. If you are comfortable being human swine and a lover of filth, I apologize if I offended you. However, you should still stop being a piece of shit and stop littering.

It makes me wonder. Do you even wipe your ass? I mean, it’s not written down anywhere that you have to do it, no penalty if you don’t, so what is to stop you from continuing your swilly, bovine behavior? Just my unbiased opinion.

So what is stopping us from having a completely biodegradeable, recyclable and sustainable world? What else? Money. If there were enough money to be made in doing so, BOOM! Instant global sustainability. Unfortunately, it really is that simple. Think of all the great accomplishments of human history including space travel, medical cures, and other discoveries that have benefited our planet. Now you tell me you can’t instigate global policies starting with packaging rules? I mean we can put all the lipstick on this pig that we want, but until we chage the poison that masquerades as “fresh” food, it’s all moot.

Your packaging isn’t fully biodegradeable or recyclable? Your product “not available until further notice.”

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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