Hats off to anyone who pursues the route of adoption to extend their family. I, having no qualifications whatsoever to comment, will now comment. It is not “in the cards,” or “in God’s hands,” for everyone to have children. I will not address this subject with any religious implications, only my own screwball opinion. Such a noble pursuit to give someone a second (or in some cases a third, fourth, or fifth) chance at having a life. Everyone loves little babies, but I also very loudly applaud those special people who provide what others could, or would not, to the older children. Bless you. It doesn’t matter why, only that you act out of love. I can really be corny sometimes.

There is absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER for child abuse!!!!!!!!

If you are unable to handle the enormous resposibility of raising a child, have enough room in your heart to foster the love needed to place the child in a situation where they have a better chance on this short journey we call life. There should be no negative stigma attached to the selfless act of providing the best opportunity for success (giving your child up for adoption) for ANY child. It is an act of heroism. The process of adoption has produced such notable figures as Babe Ruth, Tom Cruise, and Eleanor Roosevelt to name a few. All people who have made changes to our social landscape, and our world in their own way. Now what about Pet Adoption?

I am so proud of my Goddaughter and her amazing work with saving the planet “one little animal friend at a time.” I am sure she recieved some of that love for furry friends directly from her mother and myself who have always spoiled our pets. But Krista has taken it to another level. Along with her big-hearted husband Steve, well, animals everywhere (every species on Earth) have no two bigger proponents. If you are in or around Toledo, OH, please help support their efforts at

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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