Child Day Care

          This is another subject that I have absolutely NO idea about, but I won’t let that stop my thoughts and opinions on the subject.

          I love kids.

They represent the unspoiled. How the parents raise and nurture them is crucial, of course, but what about when the parents aren’t there all the time (current circumstances aside)? Let’s talk about child day care and its role in the shaping of a child’s life. Now looking from WAY outside, it seems to me that the cost commensurate with the vital role childcare providers supply is a built-in cost of having kids. A necessary good. I think there are plenty of children that are great fits for these fine establishments, but the majority of children could best be served by merely starting public schools up from age 4. This one move would serve many masters. We would need to hire more educators (PAY THEM!). Mothers would have more help with their lives, availing them to opportunities previously not available. They would generate income, spend money, and keep the machine rolling. Kids would be smarter FASTER, leading to earlier college entrance and graduations.

Several years ago, in 2014, I submitted a proposal to the president of the University of Phoenix (UOP). In it, at a time when enrollments were steadily declining, I illustrated in great detail, a plan to establish FREE child day care for ALL employees. I proposed we used one of the many buildings owned by UOP as the center. We could establish a new (income-producing) revenue stream by opening up paid memberships for non-employees. The children are taken care of by students in a newly-created Childcare Certificate program (another revenue stream) and the childcare hours are required as part of the certificate (no labor cost). I never received an answer.

I listed among the benefits: the ability to attract top executives and employees at all levels, increased work productivity from parents, the previously-mentioned revenue streams, and the enormous goodwill and image impact for the university at a time when it really needed it most. I really thought these factors would elicit some sort of positivity, but no one listened. Just like being married.

Stay well.

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