The More Things Stay the Same

Mass shooting number one thirty-one just came and went in Tennessee at a private Christian elementary school. That’s 132 in the first three months of the year. We are always claiming some sort of political-moral supremacy and we go out on a daily basis looking every bit like Lord of the Flies is the AmericanContinue reading “The More Things Stay the Same”

In The Doghouse (again)

It doesn’t happen quite as much anymore, but I still find myself undergoing the silent treatment and the slow burn, even after I wisely, preemptively, apologize. I don’t take nearly as long as I used to delivering my mea culpa. That’s just wasted time. When I am wrong, I’m wrong. It only took most ofContinue reading “In The Doghouse (again)”

Pot Shots

Everyone is down on anything that they don’t agree with, or don’t understand. I miss the days where people were not such attention-craving assholes. You don’t have to look very far to find the source. Social media. I don’t give two shits what you had for lunch, so don’t take a picture of it. IContinue reading “Pot Shots”

Did You Not Watch Soylent Green?

I know exactly how Charlton Heston felt when he looked up at the crumbling remains of the Statue of Liberty at the end of Planet of the Apes. We’re doing it to ourselves. America’s greed will be her undoing. It’s one thing to rape the land of some overgrown third-world country, but in our ownContinue reading “Did You Not Watch Soylent Green?”


Put it right up there with heroin, oxycodone, and alcohol. Addicting and sometimes even fatal as Princess Diana found. It turns nobodies into nobodies who think they are somebody. Pitiful. I am not exactly sure when this infatuation with being noticed actually began, but it has to be close to the time of the adventContinue reading “Fame”

Second Thoughts?

Evidently this whacky English woman had second thoughts. Infatuated with serial killers, she stabbed her on again-off again boyfriend nineteen times, making it a pretty obvious sign of the status of their relationship. Off again (permanently). This is one right out of Maddogg’s dating playbook. If you ever enter a woman’s bedroom and there areContinue reading “Second Thoughts?”

I Thought I Heard it All

Keystone. Car 54 Where are you? Uvalde. The police shot and killed a double amputee. Not the athletic, mobile type running on two prosthetic limbs. No. Stumps. He was trying to run away on his stumps. They caught him by walking. He did, however, have a butcher knife he was wielding, so, according to theContinue reading “I Thought I Heard it All”

Better Late?

If you call me up and don’t start speaking within the first five seconds, my ass is gonna hang up on your ass and I will block your number for all-time. Pet peeve? Probably more like a foible. Although I am actually avoiding the Old Man Syndrome where everything irritates you, and that is probablyContinue reading “Better Late?”


Now that all ECON majors have joined the party, this has absolutely nothing to do with economics. However, if you are a good economics student, a true believer, you will come right back and tell me that everything has to do with economics. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch is simply theContinue reading “TANSTAAFL”


How many years and how many lives later, a dog owner is being held accountable for a murder his unrestrained dog committed on a little girl. Dogs are not natural killers; they are taught that and I hope the owner has to suffer some horrible consequences, commensurate with the pain inflicted by his dog. IContinue reading “Finally!”