From my book EMOTIONS: Not Your Mama’s ABCs. This is a sample of the story filed under the emotion “maternal.”

“Push! Push! Come on Nan, you can do it! Almost there now. Push!” her husband John cried out.Nancy gritted her teeth one more time and shoved. She already had two babies, both delivered by C-section. But this was real pain. This required physical exertion like nothing she’d ever had to do in her life. Add in the fact that she was approaching her fortieth birthday soon and was not in the best of shape anyway. She felt like the ugliest monster on the face of the earth as she grunted and pushed with all her might. She just didn’t have the strength she had when she was twenty and giving birth to her first daughter.

“Push Nan Push!” John shouted.

Her face contorted and Nancy could feel John’s arm around her shoulder as…

“One more time!” he shouted and the weight was suddenly lifted.

The unconscious body of her mother tumbled awkwardly over the cliff, crushing her skull and scattering blood, bone, and other vital fluids on the rocky coast.

“Damn, she was heavy,” Nancy grunted to John as she fired up a joint. She took a deep hit and handed it to him. “And I thought having kids was hard.”

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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