What is it with the ease that everyone tosses around this terrible term? I mean it used to be, (and here I go sounding one hundred years old again) that if someone started a sentence with “You know what I really hate…” you would lean in to hear this travesty, because not liking something wasContinue reading “Hate”

The Whole Truth

There is only one. Sometimes we are treated to different interpretations of veracity, but just like Highlander there can be only one. There is the Republican truth. There is the Democrat truth. There is the (insert country here) truth, but really, the only truth that matters is the one you believe in. So how doContinue reading “The Whole Truth”


 OK. The postal service wants another three cents added to the price of mailing a letter. That will make it 58 cents. Is there anyone besides myself that does not feel that 55 cents is enough to pay for the service they are presently receiving? I see my assigned  mailperson (it varies male or femaleContinue reading “Stamps”

Big Wind

Today’s post continues on with a reading from my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! The preface for the letter “N” and a short story titled Powerless illustrating the emotion needy. Let me know… The title of my short story is another emotion which I find frightening…an inability to control your circumstances. Power beyond yourContinue reading “Big Wind”


You know, I was watching a rerun episode of Hell’s Kitchen starring Chef Gordon Ramsay and I couldn’t help but chuckle. I consider this a comedy, not a reality show. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a basher. He is legit and you don’t earn umpteen million Michelin stars and become one of theContinue reading “Respect!”


Firstly, my audio reading of my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!: Secondly, check out the prologue of my novel If Only. You’ll be amused and surprised at how the planet would look like If Only… The Earth was still an embryo. Ah stirred awake in the morning mist which had begun to creep intoContinue reading “Prologue”


I don’t have any, but I think they are cool. I think tattoos look much more impressive on a pair of big 20” guns than when a skinny little junkie has them. The Rock was made for tattoos and I am sure there are many who would love to take some serious time reading thatContinue reading “Tattoos”

The End of the Innocence

An awesome song by Don Henley and the subject of today’s reading from my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! I am sure in some point in time, I will record and post a few Don Henley tunes that I cover. Man, what a voice. A big musical influence on me and my style, asContinue reading “The End of the Innocence”


Despair is the emotion you don’t wish on anyone, or at least you shouldn’t. To take away someone’s hope is “the unkindest cut of all.”Sometimes it is the only thing left to take away from a person. That and personal pride, something I have always had way too much of. Despair is the emotion coveredContinue reading “Despair”

Keeping Warm

When I first started posting my blog, I made a few mistakes. This was posted originally (mistakenly) on 2/28: I’m hot. No brag. Just fact. I’m one of those people who others want to cuddle up to in bed because I am better than an electric blanket. I am also one of the people thatContinue reading “Keeping Warm”