“X” Marks the Spot

In my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!, I list emotions under every letter of the alphabet. Check out my preface and the short story illustrating the letter “X”: X Since I live in one of the nation’s driest areas (Phoenix, Arizona), my first instinct under this difficult heading was xeric, or pertaining to dryContinue reading ““X” Marks the Spot”

Wait for it…

This is a short story I wrote on about a fifteen minute break from working the restaurant at closing time. Trust           At approximately 1:30 am Eastern Standard Time, at a family-dining chain restaurant in central Florida, an ex-employee pushed his way through the back door and into the kitchen. His two friends quickly dartedContinue reading “Wait for it…”

Sleeping In

Since I am posting this blog about twelve hours later than usual, I am sure you understand. I slept in. I don’t use the term overslept, because quite frankly, I don’t think there is such a thing. I love sleep. Next to being stoned, it is the best use of hours we have as aContinue reading “Sleeping In”

The Face of Pain

So I am up enjoying my morning coffee, when I turn on the telly to see Margaret Brennan interviewing The Man…Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. My gut reaction? What a fantastic forest green dress Brennan is wearing. Then, as I watched the man describing what is happening in his country, and how, with the U.S. leadingContinue reading “The Face of Pain”


We are obsessed with breaking or setting new records in just about everything. Sports is the obvious choice for records, but we are starting to see the record for stupidest politician being taken from Andrew Johnson, impeached 19th century president. Trump gets the record, and I can’t imagine the American people ever again putting anContinue reading “Records”


          Here is an excerpt from my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! titled aptly enough… Beauty It was another Friday night in Las Vegas, and I was looking to fall in love. My third girlfriend in as many months had given me my pink slip and I was tiring of the Strip prostitutes withContinue reading “Beauty”


The human factor It is one of the things that differentiates us. Watch any episode of Law and Order and you will not see any two eyewitnesses describe the same perp. I think it should be a criminal offense to give an inaccurate description of an offender no matter how good the intentions are. IfContinue reading “Perspective”


Being a Michelin-starred chef requires details like you can’t believe. How about breaking down a complete steer and have less than 10% waste when you are done? How about planning out a wedding for two-hundred guests? How about executing a champagne brunch for 500? I really enjoyed planning weddings because our clientele never seemed toContinue reading “Details”

Military Brat

I am one. I suppose that is where my great respect for the members of our armed forces comes from. I lived on a total of seven different miltary installations in five different countries. The bases were self-sufficient. You had no need to go off base unless it was to break away from the rigidContinue reading “Military Brat”

Christmas Commercials Already?

I saw my first one today (9/6) and I made a mental note to never shop from the particular advertiser for this holiday season, or ANY holiday season until time immemorial. That’s how much I appreciate their initiative. When I am over everything, I keep telling the Domestic Despot, one of the changes I willContinue reading “Christmas Commercials Already?”