I’m Baaack

I am getting ready to leave for my gig. I decided to open with Whiskey Bent and Hellbound to show my country chops right off the bat. Talk to you later. In the meantime, here are the entries (preface and short-story) for the letter N and the emotion is needy. This will be my lastContinue reading “I’m Baaack”

Read With Caution

Here is the second short-short story I wrote under the emotion madness. This is included in my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABBC’s! School’s Out           Detective Matt Kennedy got off the elevator on the 6th floor. The shiny doors parted to reveal a pile of seven bodies. Blood pooled from the underside of severalContinue reading “Read With Caution”

I Want My Mommy

Without ado, here is the preface for the letter “M” and the emotion for the story is motherly. M           There is nothing more terrifying as a heinous act committed by someone totally insane and out of control (and I’m not referring to married life).           In my lifetime I saw the press cover theContinue reading “I Want My Mommy”

Love is Blind

Without a lot of fanfare, here is a story I wrote when I was working in a corporate cubicle: Another Love Story Day One           It was a cool October morning and I parked, grabbed my lunchbox, and headed toward good ‘ol Building 66. As I approached the entrance, a blue Toyota came bouncing offContinue reading “Love is Blind”

Traveling Man

Not just a classic John Fogerty song, but another signpost along my own itinerary, which was unbeknownst to me. I am posting another short-short-story this time from a lake in Greece, which I found historically captivating and exhausting at once. I love Greek cuisine. Remember we are dealing with the emotion jaded, so have atContinue reading “Traveling Man”


I was on another unknown road I took on my personal odyssey in the seventies. We were up in the beautiful Wasatch mountains of Utah. A beer in one hand, a doobie in the other, and my German Shorthaired Pointer Chopper with his head out the passenger window, pink tongue flapping in the wind. IContinue reading “Mom’s”

Info Overload

I hope this is not, but first, check out a W&B session song: Now here is the short story The REAL Summer of Love: The Real Summer of Love           We lived in a small two-story house at the end of a shady country lane. There were three houses actually, all similarly constructed of darkContinue reading “Info Overload”


I used innocence representing the letter “I” in my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! The story, which will be posted in its entirety in tomorrow night’s blog, details my own coming of age story. See how I went from maddpup to maddogg. The setting is England and a lovely, rare summer that graced us.Continue reading “Innocence”

Pick Your Poison

If it were only that easy. As I promised. Here is a stab at an old Hank classic: Also as promised (don’t stop me now, I’m on a roll), here is the short story Restraint: Restraint It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and I was taking advantage of the bank’s extended weekend hours to transferContinue reading “Pick Your Poison”

Beautiful Day

They are all beautiful, but today was hell-good on the weather front. 72 degrees. Sunny. Where was I? The golf course is where I should have been, but I was laid up again with my damn stump and the sore that is posing a problem with me walking. Heading in to my prosthetist tomorrow. HopefullyContinue reading “Beautiful Day”