I was curious to see what the definition of bailout was beyond the most obvious bail situation—getting out of jail. lists it as a noun example:  a government bailout of a large company. And as an adjective example: bailout measures for hard-pressed small businesses. Am I missing something here? Government bailouts are nothing new to politics and as long as money is King in the political process, it will remain an immovable, obsolete part in an ineffectual system. Of course elected officials will coddle these giants of industry because they depend on their money to run campaigns. Of course they will be beholding to their financial puppet masters; that is how the business of politics is done. So, to get back to my point, not ALL government bailouts are bad. Some are necessary to keep the machine that is our GNP rolling. If that means a billion here or there to big businesses, so be it. What DOES piss me off is how any funds provided come with no oversight or regulations. No obligations to pay it back. No obligations to spend the monies on those affected the most by this pandemic—the employees. I am NOT talking about bonuses for the CEO’s and top executives. I am also NOT saying these execs don’t deserve these bonuses. If you are truly top executives, you will see the sense in postponing the bonuses (with accrued interest) and then amortizing them over the new, more profitable post-pandemic America when we resume our normal lives. So much for the one percent.

What about the little guy?

I’m talking about the good people who run the other 99% of ALL businesses! Small businesses can’t be ignored, but sure enough, we are doing it again. Where is the bailout money for them? The big names get the big money, but we should be protecting the American Dream and not be known as the caretakers who let the flame die. The family businesses that we all miss especially in these trying times. The cafes you loved to sip coffee in the morning with your favorite server taking care of you. If you are able, make a takeout order to help out our brothers and sisters in the food service industry. Guy Fieri, the hugely popular star of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives is using his own money to help his employees while we are all suffering. UdaMAN Guy! So Joe and Kamala: I know it’s not like you don’t have enough on your overfilled plate, so here is some more. Please take care of our small businesses and those that still dare to dream.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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