Careful What You Ask For

The next big thing, since it appears we are in the embryonic stages of addressing and getting a handle on the Covid-19 virus, is getting back to “the new normal.”


Do you remember what the “normal” was when the virus appeared in January? Think back: The opening of the first nuclear plant in the Arab world. That just doesn’t sound right for some reason. North Korea made a thinly-veiled public threat to pursue a nuclear presence moving forward. That really doesn’t sound good either. Iran shot down a commercial jet from the Ukraine killing all 176 people on board. This contributed to already strained US-Iran relations, leading to an attack on our embassy. Australian bushfires decimated over 46 million acres, killing over 400 people, and removing 24% of the natural habitat for the koala bear population. The adorable koala bears’ number was reduced by 5000 and has placed the animal on the “critically endangered” list and is nearing extinction as a species. In addition to the bushfires, there were eruptions, earthquakes, and other disasters, including my home state of California and its own devastating fires. Although all scientific evidence points to global warming as a major contributor, our national leader continued to deny the continuing problem we alone, can repair.

 What else was going on in the “old” normal? The President of the United States was going through embarrassing impeachment proceedings, keeping our country’s politics a worldwide punchline. We were financing all this political ineptitude with another unnecessary war in Afghanistan. Our beleaguered leader saw fit to further alienate our best hope for economic recovery by blaming China, and subsequently placing a ban on travel there. By the way, China doesn’t have any virus there because their leaders took the virus seriously and made sure the public safety measures were being enforced. What else? Oh yeah, 2-inch Asian “murder hornets” appeared here, locust swarms in Nigeria, and other events of biblical proportions. Something to think about…or not.

So, as we claw our way back, make your new normal exactly what it is for all of us—a chance at redemption, rebirth, and an entirely new perspective on this crazy journey we all share. A journey where we are truly only as strong as our weakest link. Let our legacy be one that represents “raising the bar from the bottom up.”

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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