You Can’t Win ‘em All

Why not?

If you work your ass off, plan, practice, and practice some more, and work your ass off some more, why not?

The 1972 Dolphins did it in the NFL.

That’s it.

In the National Football League there have been three teams in total that have managed to go undefeated in their regular seasons, that’s how amazing (still) the Miami record of a perfect 17-0 is, and possibly, always will be.

College football has seen several undefeated, untied seasons as has college basketball, and there is always a lot of interest in following a team that is undefeated going into the crazy NCAA tournament. There is something about getting close in the pursuit of perfection with half of the crowd rooting for and half against.

Most polarizing.

I grew up a UCLA Bruins fan, my brother gathering me around the TV to watch John Wooden’s teams pursue perfection. I was at the game in 1973 when Notre Dame ended their streak of 44 straight victories.


I love my Irish, but these were my Bruins.

I do remember there were some hell parties that weekend.

Rocky Marciano did it in the (at that time) glamorous Heavyweight division, going 49-0 in his career. I don’t include Floyd Mayweather and his 50-0 “record.” He lost a qualifier. It doesn’t reflect on his official record, but somewhere, someone can look in the mirror and give himself a wink.

He beat the great Floyd Mayweather.

Besides, Mayweather loses a few points for engaging that dumbass Conor McGregor in an exhibition “fiasco.” McGregor has morphed into a clown with a ton of money.

He’s a footnote, that’s all.

He took a dive in the latest Porrier “fight.”

He realized early (probably even before the fight started) that he could not beat Porrier, so he took the first opportunity to call it quits.

That’s what quitters do.

England would not quit against the crafty Italian squad, forcing the European Championship to be decided by penalty kicks.

Gareth Southgate had been tactically just this side of brilliant throughout the tournament, making timely adjustments and substitutions to take the Lions to their first meaningful final since winning the World Cup in 1966.

I arrived in England right after they had won and the sense of national pride at being on top of the football world was palpable and visible.

But their past ghosts of penalties missed reappeared as the two players Southgate inserted late in the game both missed their shots, and the lads in white hung their heads as the veteran Italian squad rejoiced.

I was crushed, as I was preparing to watch the future of Manchester United’s front line with Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho teamed with Edi Cavani.

Anyway, not to happen again this year, but they had a good run if they can only keep the momentum going.

As they say, hard cheese.

Hit the pitch, figure out the issues you had, address them, get better, return, kick ass and there you have it then.

Sports in a nutshell.

Stay well.

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