I just found out we have at least one big groundhog that has evidently found a nest of sorts under the wooden shed in our backyard which was placed directly on soil and not gravel by some idiots.

I have named this huge rodent Gregory and he seems to think nothing of walking around our back yard, even though Bruiser and Murphy go into full-attack mode. Karen bin Laden, the Domestic Despot, has named him chucky the Woodchuck, but I said mine first.

I have contracted a wildlife rescue organization to come and remove it, but I am going to check with my niece, the Animal Whisperer, to see that it will be safe and not harm the groundhog. If we did not own dogs, I have no doubt that Karen and I would merely coexist with this animal, allowing it to stay under our shed where it looks like it has made a nest. I am sure we would end up feeding it and making it into a house pet over time.

That’s how we are.

Today is a rare day off for us and another gorgeous sunny day here in Small Town America.

We are going to take a trip driving around our new area and maybe finding another of the beautiful parks that proliferate the area along the slowly winding Miami River. The dogs really enjoy being able to pin their ears back and haul ass at warp speed.

I am sure it beats being holed up in a hotel room with all the commotion and people going in and out.

How can you have a blog on groundhogs without mentioning the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray?

Obviously you can’t.

Locked in a perpetual loop on Groundhog Day (what else?), the movie is a gem. I have to admit, I never expected Murray to become such a stud comedic actor. I mean he was absolutely hilarious on Saturday Night Live, and his Lounge Singer act is still hilarious in reruns, but come on. His turn in Scrooged has made him a part of everyone’s Christmas for ever more.

That has to be every actor’s dream.

But back to Gregory or Chucky.

Chucky the Woodchuck
Gregory Groundhog

Here are a couple pics of the rodent. I had just settled down for a bowl of Redberry Kush for my early morning wake and bake session, and it was a lovely morning with the sun trying its best to penetrate the thick green brush.

I pack my bowl, stretched a bit, and turned my head to the left.

There was this animal looking directly at me.

I almost crapped my pants I was so scared.

They say these animals are not dangerous. But with my two dogs, I didn’t know who was in danger more.

I just knew our back yard was home to the one mean-ass groundhog that had enough of living under our shed and it was ready to live wherever it damn well wanted to, even if it meant coming inside our house through the doggie door.

Check him out.

I’ll keep you posted.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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