Did you see the six knuckleheads they arrested in Louisville, Kentucky?

Two groups of shooters get off six hundred rounds and no one was shot? What, are these the worst shooters in history? Don’t get me wrong; I am grateful there were no casualties, but these guys are giving a bad name to real thugs who, when they shoot off six-hundred rounds, it means early termination for hundreds of innocent people.

That’s how real thugs operate.

Just like that little thug Putin and his dwindling support base.

And that little murderous six-year old in Virginia has started a convo about the need for secure storage of guns.

How fucking stupid do you have to be? How negligent?

You get a gun and the first thing that fills your mind should be an image of your dying child, blood spurting out of what was once half of their face, as their one eye looks to you in confusion with a look that says Why didn’t you take care of me?…

So, another article on juvenile obesity.

What am I missing?

I thought every little kid is born a little chubby for survival, and then, it is the parents who control the food that goes into the child’s body.

They are fucking up.

Just because a little kid wants to keep eating, doesn’t mean you have to keep shoveling food into their little gullets. My little Cocker Spaniels can give the saddest, most pitiful looks in the world, and they are not going to be overfed. One look at them confirms it.

They don’t needs drugs. They don’t need surgery.

If they were humans, they’d be NFL running backs.

What’s funny about a comedian failing to register as a registered sex offender?

Maybe because his name is Dick?

I still don’t see it.

Just like I don’t see any difference with Joe Biden keeping top secret documents and Donald Trump keeping them. If you are going after one, you go after the other. I say this, not being the biggest supporter of DJT.

In a scene right out of Colors, six people attending a funeral, were injured when gunfire erupted in a drive-by shooting. In the movie, you expected this type of gang activity.

The streets of Compton were dangerous.

But in London, England?

Berlin, the oldest living polar bear on the planet, has expired and gone to heaven. She was thirty-three. I don’t know which saddened me more; the fact that we lost this beautiful animal, or the fact that she died in captivity. Give all the bullshit reasons of the benefits of keeping this bear imprisoned that you want. The life expectancy of polar bears in the wild is approximately thirteen years, but Berlin lived twenty years past the norm.

Something tells me she would have traded thirty-three years in captivity to ONE year of roaming the icecap freely with her family.

Go ahead. Call me old-fashioned, old-minded, or just plain old, but gender neutral bathrooms?

In our zeal to show the world how open-minded and inclusive we are, we have to shove it in the face of everyone else.

Just finish your piss and shut up….

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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