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Blog #2


It is a gorgeous day in Phoenix, so after suffering through yet another record-breaking hot summer, now we’ve got the gun! It is hard to get too high about it though, with all the dangerous fires raging throughout California and Colorado to name a few. There are always reports of people helping others in times of crisis and it makes me swell with pride when it does happen. Corny, huh? I am already ready to start watching Christmas movies, but Karen has put the Ky-bosh (that can’t be the right spelling) on that plan. Getting excited about what is coming up now that we are both finally retired.

I have an awesome idea; one, I hope, that catches steam and maybe sells a few of my books in the process. How cool would it be if I were to invite a reader to collaborate with me on a short story? We would each submit two pages at a time to build the story. That sounds fun as soon as I can figure out the logistics. I am still stumbling my way through the whole setup process so I will keep you posted.

My last thought for the day goes out to the pet owners who walk their innocent pets on the sidewalk, watch them “leave their luggage,” and then walk off. You are foul, unclean, and more bovine than human. Do you wipe yourself after using the bathroom? It’s not mandatory. There’s nobody in there with you to ensure you are clean, so how will anyone know? This extends to people who throw their garbage out onto streets and highways. Oh, please don’t get me started……..

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