The Passing of a Legend

Alex Trebek passed away and I feel a great sense of loss because I, like many of us, grew up with him and played and enjoyed Jeopardy for as long as I can remember watching television. He was always a “notch above” all other game show hosts and exhibited class in his every move. He always looked dapper and smooth. I remember playing jeopardy with my fellow classmates my freshman year in college. It was fun to actually play the game (for real money) but the real star of the show was the host selected for the tournament. I am sure mine is but one of millions of memories engendered by his name. Rest well sir. You will be missed.

I tell a story in one of my lead-ins about a fisinig trip I took to Canada. If you take a trip to Canada, anywhere in Canada, one thing stands out. The country is beautiful and CLEAN. The larger cities have a European flavor and also mirror the same clean maintenance of their country. I love the French flavor of Montreal best of all.

As an (ex) hotshot French chef myself, I was able to fuse classic French cuisine with the splashy plate presentations of the mid-80’s to carve out a nice little niche for myself in the industry. Alright, I get it. French food is not health food. Butter, salt, cream, fat, liquors, breads, sugars, all the good stuff. Sure, you can get some CIA-trained kid fresh on the market to put out a few spa dishes with plenty of emphasis on vegetables, grains, legumes, etc. but what I am talking about is REAL French food. I’m talking about Cassoulet du Lapin cooked and crusted for 4 days in an earthenware vessel, Alaskan Salmon en Croute w/ Two Butters, Fruits de Mer pasta with all the best the oceans have to offer, Cocquille St. Jacques in Brandied Lobster Sauce, give me the works. Oh, and don’t forget the crusty French baguettes and Devonshire Butter. No wonder I lost my left leg to diabetes.

Mortality be damned. Enjoy your time on this planet.

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