Lost (and found) Nation

Well, I have to admit, the people of this great nation have surprised me again. Electing Joe Biden as 46th President of our nation hopefully signals a much-needed change. Let’s start with diplomatic decorum. While there certainly is merit in speaking one’s own mind, there is also a time and place (or no place) for it.

I no longer have to fear what is going to come out of the mouth of our country’s leader in public. My biggest fear is that Joe will have to face a senate that is dead-set against him and will get beaten down in the same way as Barack Obama was. It felt like he made a perfunctory “reach across the aisle,” realized he would not get anywhere, and then resigned himself to an unproductive presidency. When Joe faces adversity (which he certainly will), I just hope he uses the full power of the presidency to instigate necessary changes and at the very least, TRY to make things better. I am behind the president (no matter WHO he or she is) because I am an American patriot and that is how I think. I did not care for the personality of our 45th president, but he was our president and I wished him success to help my fellow Americans. There is still way too much division in this country.

Many Trump supporters have been painted racist and I believe that characterization to be unfair. Trump was elected because of a lack of cohesion in our government as well as a dearth of prominent political leadership. He came across as brash, irreverent, successful, and a real man of action. Unfortunately, he did not live up to expectations as a president. Now is truly time to turn the page.

Time for Joe and Kamala to start walkin’ the talk and get busy. You said COVID is priority 1.

Show us.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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