Mainstream Maddogg

I guess, in spite of all my efforts, I am now officially a member of the mainstream pet-loving community. What started out as a cool gesture of offering to donate tips I make from my gigs to the local Humane Society now sees Bruiser, Murphy, and Maddogg as faces of a flyer which will beContinue reading “Mainstream Maddogg”

Good Cheer, Goodbye

I was spreading it today for a 2 PM show at Sycamoresprings Nursing home. It was a nice turnout and the residents were super cool, and totally engaged. They requested ten songs from me and I was able to do seven of them. I had a dear lady who was so excited and I broughtContinue reading “Good Cheer, Goodbye”


I absolutely love it. It keeps the grass, plants and trees green and the results are awe-inspiring. Moving out here, to one of the wettest places from quite possibly, the driest state, Arizona. Keep it coming. So in my show that I performed last week, one of the residents of the nursing home I played,Continue reading “Rain”


I just got to meet Karen’s niece and nephews today. They are the offspring of younger sister Kris and her husband Allan. High school sweethearts. Allan is the rock. A father who has raised three highly intelligent critical thinkers who are a joyous mix of ambition and passion, while maintaining a sense of wonder inContinue reading “Family”