Close Call

So I decide to brave the traffic and the impending Winter Storm of the Century if you believe the forecasters, and headed north on I-75 to the humane society which I represent, and on  the way, I spied a new building sitting out on its own. I could see kennels and a large play areaContinue reading “Close Call”

Maddogg Night at the Lucky Star Brewery

I’m a bit late posting, which I really like to do by 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). However, by the time I said goodbye to the great people at the ‘Star and loaded my guitar and a few books and T-shirts I still have left, I got home and got stoned, of course, thenContinue reading “Maddogg Night at the Lucky Star Brewery”

God Bless

G.B. Whoever invented the little doggie wheels that allow dogs with inoperable legs to run like the wind and feel like a doggie should; happy, unafraid, and just like all the other doggies. My heart sings when I see people with these animals and believe Maddogg when he says these people have spots reserved forContinue reading “God Bless”


In six days the Domestic Despot and I will travel north to Dayton to watch Hank Williams, Jr. I am just as excited to see Ashley McBryde. She really blows my dress up. What is not to want about a whiskey-drinkin’, ass-kickin’, redheaded woman who sings like a bird? I’ll take two, please. Alas andContinue reading “Excitement”

Mainstream Maddogg

I guess, in spite of all my efforts, I am now officially a member of the mainstream pet-loving community. What started out as a cool gesture of offering to donate tips I make from my gigs to the local Humane Society now sees Bruiser, Murphy, and Maddogg as faces of a flyer which will beContinue reading “Mainstream Maddogg”

Good Cheer, Goodbye

I was spreading it today for a 2 PM show at Sycamoresprings Nursing home. It was a nice turnout and the residents were super cool, and totally engaged. They requested ten songs from me and I was able to do seven of them. I had a dear lady who was so excited and I broughtContinue reading “Good Cheer, Goodbye”


I absolutely love it. It keeps the grass, plants and trees green and the results are awe-inspiring. Moving out here, to one of the wettest places from quite possibly, the driest state, Arizona. Keep it coming. So in my show that I performed last week, one of the residents of the nursing home I played,Continue reading “Rain”


I just got to meet Karen’s niece and nephews today. They are the offspring of younger sister Kris and her husband Allan. High school sweethearts. Allan is the rock. A father who has raised three highly intelligent critical thinkers who are a joyous mix of ambition and passion, while maintaining a sense of wonder inContinue reading “Family”