Ugly people

I despise ugly people. You see them every day in every walk of life. They are the ones that give a little too long of a look at the interacial couple walking down the street, that see nothing wrong with this country that cannot be fixed with a good ass-whipping given to somebody, anybody, who is not in agreement with them. In this country, based on REPUBLICAN ideals, all men are created equal. Having a congress with a majority either way used to mean that some things might get done, but no meaningful legislation would get passed. Everyone seemed happy with that and they system seemed conducive to multiple terms, and so it went. Now, the myth of “reaching across the aisle” is just that. Republicans will vote for their bills and measures, as will the Democrats act to protect their own interests. The people are the ones that pay the price for slow, inept government. The same people that I believed governors were sworn to protect. Silly me. Senators and Congressmen are color-coded for a reason: so you can tell the self-serving idiots from the self-serving assholes.

Ugly people are also judgemental and follow standards set by someone else for whatever agenda they may have. I understand same-mindedness every now and then on matters that tend to polarize us, but same-mindedness ALL THE TIME also characterizes Nazism. Boom!

Ugly people also try to find the meanest way to convey their hurtful message. Sometimes the meanest thing you can do is to do nothing at all. Intentionally ignore someone. By doing so, you do the MOST hurful (and mean) thing. You marginalize them to the point of letting them know their self-worth does not even merit a glance. It takes a mean person who does not realize the effects of such actions. With the holidays approaching, I am reminded of how people come together with the holdiday spirit to help others less fortunate. My mother used to tell me “It doesn’t cost anything to be clean or polite.”

Let’s add respect to the list. Ourselves and each other.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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