Lottery Dreams

OK. Someone in Maryland won the 750 million Powerball lottery. Great for them, no matter who they are. Now everyone wants to know who the winner was. I like the rule that keeps the anonymity of the winner intact. I can only imagine the onslaught of requests that would produce.

So what would you do if you win tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot which is inching closer to one billion dollars?

I would NOT waste it all. I would waste some, but for me, the most important thing to do first and foremost is to set the funds up in a trust which I will ask my nieces to run. The Foundation they help me establish will generate its own income as we address some key needs of this country. Education, Health, and Poverty are just a few examples. Since my wife and I were not blessed with children, this foundation would serve as our legacy. Just a few thoughts.

I really hope I have it within me to pull it off, if I can just quash the little devil on my shoulder telling me to go back to my old ways. In that case, I would spend every last cent on a Caligula-like descent into darkness. I might waste the money over the course of a year, but it would be a very good year.

Flashy car? Never been a flashy car guy. Huge house? With only Karen and I and our beloved doggies, we don’t require that much space. However, I also don’t see us moving into a tract housing community. Winning the lottery appears to bring out the best AND the worst of people. Ah, the glorious human condition. Not everyone feels compelled to share their wealth and I am sure there are plenty of those people in heaven. I also think that the age you win is a factor. I absolutely can’t fathom being single and 25 and winning a billion dollars. It would be like putting Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank.

Going broke after winning generational wealth almost seems sinful to me, but each to his own I suppose. I think I might have won 500 dollars in a lottery once. Spent it in two days.

So, hope springs eternal. Something to dream about. I really hope that whoever is lucky enough to win will act benevolently, or at the very least, just don’t become an arrogant asshole.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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