The most important meal of the day, right? Funny how age (and other factors) affect what you consider breakfast to be. When your lifestyle is such that you are usually awake at least until 2am every single day (in other words when you are young), your internal timeclock easily sees you eating a huge breakfast after a night of drinking and then going to bed. Very healthy. Do it for an extended length of time (decades) and you have put the first bullet (or two) into the gun for your game of Russian Roulette.

My favorite breakfast (health effects notwithstanding) is: Chicken Fried Steak (of course white gravy), 3 over-easy eggs, a pile of crispy hash browns, and sourdough toast. Oh, and a short stack of pancakes to boot. A large glass of milk, maybe two, and a large glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice to wash it all down with.

How things change.

Now, a good breakfast is a patty or two of turkey sausage, a scrambled egg beater or two, one piece of dry wheat toast, and a small glass of skim milk. Maybe a few pieces of fresh fruit. And the “wheat” toast Karen gives me has about 80 different healthy ingredients including nuts, seed, spores, pine cones, probably small rodents, who knows. I refused to eat it. I guess I showed her.

One thing this pandemic has done is curb people’s ability to fuck themselves up. I mean to me, most of the fun I derived from drinking was the people and the crazy things you ended up doing out at the bars. I was not a sit-at-home drunk, that’s no fun. I am sure I would have been much safer (and smarter) to stay home instead of hitting the bars.


So in today’s world, where teenagers are dying at a rate of 4000 per year ( due to drunk driving, how do we, as a society, close that gap even further? When I think of lives cut short at that early age and all the things they will miss seeing and doing on this glorious planet of ours, it really hurts.

Drink all you want, just know that you’re not just hurting yourself, but those you love as well. And definitely, if only one person who reads this makes a right decision NOT to drink and drive, then I’ll thank God for another of his many gifts.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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