For most of my working career in the food service industry, Mondays just started the work week which usually ended on Sunday night. The days were marked by a work task, Mondays food ordering, Tuesdays retail items for the Gift Shop, meeting days and so on.

Now being retired, Monday can mean any damn thing I want it to mean. It can be Tuesday if I want it to. Now I know I don’t take shit, nor have I ever taken shit, from inanimate objects, but this takes it to another level. Orbit. Out there, even for me. I refuse to take shit from ANY day of the week. That’s how I roll…

So if you are one of my cherished followers, you will know that on Mondays I post a song I have written (and performed). I posted a song about my wife (and soulmate) Karen a few weeks ago. Karen kind of wonders, but if you are a country fan, you will absolutely recognize it as a love song. The song is titled I Wouldn’t Trade You (Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare). So today I am posting another love song I wrote about her. It is called I Don’t Wanna Lose. You can listen to it here:

 This is what the sky looked like when I finished the song.

Speaking of being out there in orbit, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Karen would be the first to board an alien spaceship if invited. Not even convinced she would check to see whether it would be dangerous or not to do so. We were watching a movie where a benign alien (I never trusted him from the get-go) invites the earthling to return to their planet, promising to return them whenever they want to come back. Right. And I’m the Tooth Fairy. I mean really, who would believe this crock?

So Karen bin Laden is watching, her eyes widening at the mere prospect of this outer space adventure. I am scoffing, of course, mocking the ridiculous notion of all the crazy shit playing out on the TV screen. As if people would just blindly leave everything they know to check out another planet. As if there were aliens that look like Hollywood actors. As the scene plays out, I ask

“You’re not buying this bullshit are you?”

She smiles back.

“You’d go with me, wouldn’t you?”

Absolutely no possible way out except to have faith in the belief that you won’t have to make that choice, so of course I reply

“It’s the only place I ever want to be.”


True, but money.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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