It’s a Dog’s Life

I believe in reincarnation and different spheres of existence. In this life, it wasn’t in God’s Plan for Karen and I to have children. But when I come back, I wanna come back as one of my dogs. Talk about having it made. We have spoiled dogs. Not just any ordinary dogs. Our dogs. TheseContinue reading “It’s a Dog’s Life”


I am schlepping along like ordinary Maddogg, but something must be in the air. As it warms up here in southern Ohio, I am suddenly a hot commodity. I already told you that I have a gig on 3/30, but now I might have a weekly thing at a bar called the River Edge inContinue reading “Caliente”

Pete Kadens U da MAN!

Karen had CBS Sunday Morning on and I caught the story of the non-profit called Hope Chicago and how they just changed the world. They have made the public offer to pay for high school students’ college education in five different high schools in Chicago. Room, board, books, the whole enchilada. There is no priceContinue reading “Pete Kadens U da MAN!”

Lucky Star

I just thanked mine for leading me to the Lucky Star Brewery in Miamisburg, Ohio. It is a small brewery located on Second Street and it is definitely my kind of place.  Old, brick and wood, good food, lots of beers, and tonight a 6-10 open mic. I was surprised at the early crowd ofContinue reading “Lucky Star”

Open Mic Night

You are going to have to take my word for it, because I left my phone in the Highlander (“You will always be weaker than I, Highlander!”) and I didn’t get ADOGG to video me. It was at a brewpub in Cincinnati called Fretboards. The cool thing about this place is they only want youContinue reading “Open Mic Night”

Paying the Bills

Many people struggling. Yet another reason for our political parties to come together as a unit and quit fighting like two thirteen-year old girls. Next thing you know, we’ll be doing each other’s hair and freezing each other’s bras while we smoke ciggies and talk about hunks. Not bloody likely. Man, I thought O.J. SimpsonContinue reading “Paying the Bills”

Out With the Old

Everything has a useful life. Products. People. Animals. We just witnessed a microcosm with the recent NFL playoff games. The Old Guard  were represented by the sports’ standard bearer Tom Brady and the best quarterback not named Tom Brady, the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers. The Young Guns were represented by their standard bearer PatrickContinue reading “Out With the Old”


I think I have made it abundantly clear where I stand on politics. I don’t. I don’t give a damn about anything so fervently that it dictates my course of action, unless you count protecting your family. When I unavoidably see a few stories, they seem to be focused on what a shitty job Jo-JoContinue reading “Afterthoughts”

Observations on a Snowy Day

I really don’t care for TV shows that take you (literally) into the guts of the matter, showing the most intimate medical details of various medical procedures. Quite frankly, if I wanted to get this close to the action, I would have gone to med school. Feel free to pan away to the furrowed browContinue reading “Observations on a Snowy Day”

Slow Down

This planet is spinning way too fast. People seem to always be in a hurry amidst this pandemic with no one working in an office building. So where are they going and why aren’t they at their home offices working? Not wanting to work is something I totally understand; and I also have a lazyContinue reading “Slow Down”