Maddogg Night at the Lucky Star Brewery

I’m a bit late posting, which I really like to do by 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). However, by the time I said goodbye to the great people at the ‘Star and loaded my guitar and a few books and T-shirts I still have left, I got home and got stoned, of course, thenContinue reading “Maddogg Night at the Lucky Star Brewery”

Why I Do It

I get asked why I play these little charity gigs for Nursing Homes and Rehab Centers and now, I have opened up communication with Dayton Children’s Hospital to see if I can please a few kids this Christmas. All you have to do is walk into SycamoreSpring Nursing Home. The first thing you notice isContinue reading “Why I Do It”

Playing Out

It is truly one of the most fun things in all the world, so I packed up my guitar and headed north to Dayton to the Dublin Pub. Very cool place and I knew the host, a local player who is a very cool dude and great player. It turns out I knew three orContinue reading “Playing Out”

I Made a Girl Cry

Arguably my finest hour. I was playing Your Song by Elton John, and as I was finishing the last chorus, Karen nodded to me and directed my attention to the bartender. She was a pretty young blonde girl and she explained that her grandfather’s favorite song for his wife was this same song. You alreadyContinue reading “I Made a Girl Cry”

I Refuse to Live in Fear

It started, for me, with the Columbine High School massacre. Up until then, I don’t fully remember the previous mass school shootings, but I’m sure we had them. I wasn’t afraid to walk into a high school after that. The club shooting in Florida? For a musician and performing artist, I am not afraid toContinue reading “I Refuse to Live in Fear”

Burned in My Memory

Out of the sum total of our lives, there are a few things that are burned in our memories in varying degrees. Your first date. Your first kiss. Your wedding, children, I could go on and on. Unless you are like the Domestic Despot, my beloved Karen, and can remember everything in detail, but sheContinue reading “Burned in My Memory”

Under Attack

OK. Jo-jo is getting eaten alive by viruses. Now, I might just be an old country boy from East L.A., but somebody better fix him. Fast. If Kamala Harris takes the reins of this country, good luck to us all. You think it sucks now….. I am not impressed with her political savvy nor herContinue reading “Under Attack”


I prefer blinds or a shade, because curtains just seem to be so heavy. As long as it blocks out the light, which is the whole point in the first place, n’est ce pas? What good are those flimsy, light window coverings unless you are an exhibitionist? I have blinds and  curtains on my officeContinue reading “Curtains”


For a myriad of reasons I only ever had to pay rent for a few months out of my life. Even when I had a bachelor pad, I rarely spent any time there. I hear of people struggling to pay off someone else’s mortgage every month. I am not saying I don’t feel sorry forContinue reading “Rent”


As soulmate to a strong woman, I am deeply offended at anything that offends her. To characterize the recent overturn of Roe v Wade as offensive is offensive to the word offensive. (see what I did there?) You can make lists ‘til the cows come home, but I just want the names of all ofContinue reading “WTF?”