The Return of Maddogg

We know the Satin Latin is back, but guess who showed up at an open mic tonight in the coolest little venue I have ever lifted a guitar in? Maddogg is back. Two days removed from the Cardiovascular post-op ICU I finally make my way out to a little town called Pleasant Plain. (I wishContinue reading “The Return of Maddogg”

Second Chances

There are no second chances. We are undeterred as we push forward with our second offer on a house. We were really hoping the inspection done this morning would be free of any major problems which would cost us, but alas, we have put a repair list together for the sellers to address, or notContinue reading “Second Chances”


Years ago, (31 to be exact), I would on occasion make the trip down I-75 from Toledo to Cincinnati. Cincy is where Karen was born and grew up to age 18. Now, I know things change over time, but I am totally blown away by how big the city of Dayton has grown, and IContinue reading “Dayton”


God do I love my wife but she cannot cook worth a damn. She knows it. I’m not railroading her or anything, it’s just that when they took off my lower left leg, Karen’s biggest fear was realized: Not because she would have to help me with everything, but because she would now be responsibleContinue reading “Cooking”

The Grind

I continue with the reading of my book. As promised, under the letter “F” the first emotion is fearful. Here is the preface followed by the short story Amazon. Now starting next Monday since I have run out of original music, I will be playing one of the songs from my previously-posted playlist. I haveContinue reading “The Grind”

The Great Recess Caper of 1961

Original music Monday: Here is the 10th song I wrote. It is called Is it Love or is it Sin? Let me know…. Here is a short story I tried posting when I first started the blog back in November of last year. I’m not sure it was posted properly or on time, so hereContinue reading “The Great Recess Caper of 1961”


Today is Original Song Monday and my offering this week is a song I wrote when I was in the band Bad Intent. The year was 1990. We were a tight little band playing mostly covers and the first song I was able to propose and have all the guys buy-in was this song Friends.Continue reading “Friends”

Cantina Lady

The title of this week’s original song I penned in 1976, it comes with a story (I’m a writer, of course it does). The scene is a little dive bar on Canal Street in Nogales, Mexico. The bartender was asleep when I entered through the shimmering red, white and green beads. There were three cracked-leatherContinue reading “Cantina Lady”

No More Tomorrows

The title of this weeks’ original song was actually a collaboration between my brother Ed and I. Ed had the melody bouncing around his gourd and had started on the lyrics. I basically finished the melody and added a chorus. We finished the lyrics together over a bottle of Stolichnaya and some Marin County Greenbud.Continue reading “No More Tomorrows”

The Wizard

He was about 60, a used-up and burnt-out alcoholic grill cook. He was fat, balding, and bitter.  He had started cooking in his mom’s kitchen and never rose past the position of grill cook for a major breakfast chain. Thirty years of cooking  and absolutely nothing to show for it. His pockets were usually empty,Continue reading “The Wizard”