I have it.

When I left my doctor’s office yesterday morning he informed me that the chicken pox I had as a kid had probably lie dormant in my nerves all these years and is just now resurfacing. What a pain in the ass. Actually, it is affecting a small lateral area below my left pectoral muscle. It looks like a red blotch/rash. Not really painful unless I touch or press on the area.

I also have it more advanced on my middle back area. There it has actually scabbed over. I honestly had no idea I had this condition. I shower every single day, a habit I got into as a Chef/GM for all those years. I also scrub my back vigorously with a backbrush. It feels good and besides I am always in the mood for a back scratch. Little did I know what was going on back there (pardon the pun).

So if you think you have an innocuous rash, no big deal; it’s worth an “ask” of your doctor to make sure it is not shingles. An ounce of prevention and all that.

So, I am being prescribed pills to take 3x a day for a week. (Valtrex). I won’t be posting any pics of my blotches and rashes. I consider that to be one-rung below the people who post pics of their food. When they invented the cell phone camera, it opened Pandora’s Box. I wonder if the inventors realized the great zeal with which people have to show the things they are about to consume and shove down their gullets.

I was a disease-prone sickly little kid growing up in Japan. At one time I had contacted a slight case of malaria, cholera, typhus, and yellow fever. Oh and I once got full-blown strep throat 23 times in one summer! See, we lived out in a small Japanese farming community with a single well for water. I was drinking that water. But so were all the other members of my family: Mom, my Step-Dad Vern, big brother Ed and sister Edrice. They didn’t get sick.

Anyway after many trips to the base doctors, a pair of government people showed up at our house in Nakagami-Akashima. They told my parents that either we moved into a place with city (treated) water, or to a military base or embassy. Otherwise, I was to be flown back to the states, so I guess I was pretty messed up. We relocated to Tachikawa Air Force Base.

I have been on the record as being distrustful of Big Pharma and doctors, but you didn’t see me go to my golf buddy to address my shingles.

Take care of yourselves and

Stay well.

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