Enough is Enough

The little lawn gnome BabyHead Putin is at it again. Enough is enough with detaining Brittany Griner. Call it timing, coincidence, or whatever, but JoJo is heading to Asia just as our favorite North Korean maniac Kim Jong-un has decided on launching a long-range missile test. Go figure. Pakistan just got hit with an outbreakContinue reading “Enough is Enough”


Not only one of the greatest sports stories ever made into film, but here come the Hoosiers of War. Ukraine. Whatever happens from this point on and I can only unfortunately think it will be terrible for the Ukrainians, they have shown that you don’t fuck around with their country. Except in the movie, theContinue reading “Hoosiers”


We have to rank everything. Search best restaurants near me. I saw an article ranking countries so of course, I am a sucker and clicked on the picture. In this particular poll, their Top Five consisted of Canada, Japan, USA, Germany, and Switzerland. I have been to all five and my ranking of them wouldContinue reading “Rankings”

I Was Just Talking About Payouts

…and the ho-hum nature of the cost of mankind’s destruction of our planet. Just another expense to be amortized. Who sets the number for Earth’s useful life? How about those whacky Dallas Cowboys and their antics in the women’s locker room for the cheerleaders? Payout. 2.4 million. That’s not even high school stuff, hell, IContinue reading “I Was Just Talking About Payouts”

Bathing in a Different Country

Yesterday we looked at a quandary and today I will finish it up with the short-short story I wrote about the communal bathhouse in a tiny village in Japan.           Querulous implies complaining, something I do, but mostly in private. My problem is that I’ve never given a shit about anything, so if I don’tContinue reading “Bathing in a Different Country”

I’m Not Getting Better, I’m Getting Older

Not really, but it’s a catchy title, no? Not too bad, but I am sitting here in my new little in-the-process-of-being-remodeled home, and so thankful for yet another bounteous Christmas spent with my girl. Man, I keep hearing all the news about the numbers involved with the Covid-19 virus, and they are downright scary. EverContinue reading “I’m Not Getting Better, I’m Getting Older”


I suppose the correct term is scrolling because that’s what we do on our phones, right? I saw a picture of this twelve-foot long fish swimming right up on a person who was scuba diving. Now I understand that human beings may not be on the menu for many species, but I don’t want toContinue reading “Skimming”


I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to anymore. I’m just not as hungry as I used to be. Oh, every so often I will overindulge with a potent indica strain and then I will put on the feedbag. And I am always amazed at how delicious everything tastes, and how cool theContinue reading “Hunger”


     The morning sun peeked over the pink mountains illuminating the entire valley.      It was going to be another scorcher. The Yuki Valley could get that way for about six weeks out of the year, and it was eight days into it. One hundred degrees is hot anyway, but throw in seventy-five percent humidity,Continue reading “Obedience”