Day 2

Starting a Band at Age 68 Our newest member of our as yet-unnamed band is a guy named Paul who showed up and meshed with our lead guitarist, and we were basically on the same page. We’ll get better. Much better. I can tell from talking with these two very cool people that all weContinue reading “Day 2”

Did You Not Watch Soylent Green?

I know exactly how Charlton Heston felt when he looked up at the crumbling remains of the Statue of Liberty at the end of Planet of the Apes. We’re doing it to ourselves. America’s greed will be her undoing. It’s one thing to rape the land of some overgrown third-world country, but in our ownContinue reading “Did You Not Watch Soylent Green?”

My Ass Still Burns

If you’ve joined me lately, you will know that I am one of the beleaguered fans of the storied Manchester United Reds. Lately, we have been on quite the roll. We have enjoyed success internationally, as well as the FA Cup in recent weeks, but Jurgen Klopp and the Reds of Liverpool apparently were notContinue reading “My Ass Still Burns”

The Hunt for Red October

A great read by Tom Clancy and so technical that I feel he explains it well enough that I could pull a five-hundred foot long nuclear attack submarine out of dock and head to open sea. Just like in the movie, the Russians have lost a huge nuclear submarine. The headline said they lost it,Continue reading “The Hunt for Red October”

And The Beat Goes On…

Another child has left this world without getting a chance to live their life first. Shot down in Houston, Texas, a five year-old boy was killed. By an eight year-old boy. I wonder if the kid had led a rough street life of crime, if he had a lengthy rap sheet, or he was justContinue reading “And The Beat Goes On…”

The Word Unspoken…

Is the word uneaten. My big brother taught me that at the tender age of 8. I have always spoken with grace and intellect, and others immediately gravitated towards me because I was confident and loquacious. Especially the shy kids. I don’t sugarcoat the fact that I was very much insulated to the whole ethnicityContinue reading “The Word Unspoken…”


I was sitting here enjoying a 33% THC Sativa strain and I started thinking about all the nicknames I’ve had going back as far as I can remember. The first one in memory is Markitos, which my grandma and mother used to call me when I was young. At the same time, my grandfather hadContinue reading “Nicknames”

Smarty Pants

I’ve always been too damn smart for my own good. I admit it. Not proud of it, either. As soon as I was able to enunciate, my big brother would have me read aloud every single word of the “Acknowledgements” of one of his high-school level books, even the word “Acknowledgements.” Then he would makeContinue reading “Smarty Pants”

Stay With Me Now

No question that I am, and always have been a big dog lover starting with our family pets to our two Cocker Spaniel brothers tearing through the house tonight. I am seeing far too many stories of children and adults being killed by dogs. Before I go any further in my own thought process, IContinue reading “Stay With Me Now”


I’m ready as I’ll ever be for my audition tomorrow night. I have the six songs I was sent that the band is using to determine their new lead singer. I have checked out all the videos the band recorded and I even skipped my weekly open mics that I do to practice. I willContinue reading “Anticipation”