Day One of Vacation

We headed out early Tuesday morning at about 7am.

I got my boiler stoked with a delicious “vacation” breakfast (i.e. a breakfast containing items I am not allowed to eat on a normal basis).


Hash browns.


So we go up CA Hwy 395 up into the foothills of the Eastern High Sierra mountains.

God’s country.

Here’s a short video of the sights on the way up and approaching Mammoth mountain.

The High Sierras

So we roll into Mammoth Lakes about 5 pm into a small ski lodge which is devoid of any skiers as the snow is disappearing daily.

We literally caught the total shutdown of the mountain: No ski lifts, not even gondolas for the non-skiers, no shops were open for a visitor to buy so much as a T-shirt.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

The nights, in season carrying thousands of drunk voices through the thin mountain air, were deafeningly silent, save for the natural sounds of God’s playground. It inspired both contemplation and awe.

So we are finally there and hungry, and we go to a Tourist rip-off merchant posing as a restauranteur. I was really hoping to avoid a rant, but this one is just too good to pass up.

I can’t resist.

Here is a road-weary traveler who is ready to kill the next person who is NOT bringing her a cold beer.


I order an appetizer of zuccini, shrimp, and calamari fried and served with two aiolis.

This appetizer was devoid of shrimp, but the combination of fried zukes and calamari was a hit.

Karen shared the app with me and it was a big portion, I will give them that much.

My New York Strip arrived and it was actually a very good piece of meat albeit undersized. Cooked as I asked, and topped with a well-made pink peppercorn demi-glace, it was refreshing to taste the veal bones in the stock, and not the sodium bite of a Knorr-Swiss instant sauce mix, so good job there.

The bread was a crusty sourgough with Devonshire butter, so high marks there.

I drank an ice tea which came with no lemon or sweetener, and the Domestic Despot gives it high marks because she was able to slam down three Heinekens while I devoured the steak and vegetables.

So what did I NOT like?

The through-the-roof-prices you are charged for everything, especially food.

This little snack (I was hungry two hours later) cost a cool C-note.

One hundred bucks.

It was well worth it.

Tomorrow, Day 2 will show some pics from around Mammoth Loop and the Lake Country including June Lake, a childhood haunt of mine.

I resume with a reading from my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!

P Happy Hour (prejudice)

Stay well.

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