Lemons rock.

Why, then, do lemons get a negative connotation in the normal course of a day?

For example, when a car is not considered very road-worthy, it is called a lemon.

Why not a lime, or better yet, a Key Lime?

Why not a pie made with the driest and most sour pomegranate rind, filled with Key Lime pulp filling?

Your face would twitch, cramp, and otherwise contort into all shapes in response to the sour tartness.

When I would visit Ventura as young man, I would wake to the sweet smell of lemon blossoms and go to bed at night with the light, airy cologne of Eucalyptus.

I am not going to tell you that I have peeled a lemon and eaten it seeds and all.

What I have done is used 3 drops of lemon juice to add to my Floating Islands meringue ‘bergs. On the silver serving tray, I had a bed of French pastry cream, Golden raspberry and blackberry rings of puree.

The scene was completed with marzipan trees, bushes and figures. A little blue lake of colored Crème Anglaise tied it together for eye flow.. To ensure its’ stability, a small pinch of Superfine sugar dusted over the “lake.”

I miss doing stuff like that.

I use lemon to flavor my chicken stock for soup.

Cilantro, green onions, and garlic set the table for the crushed red chiles and jalapenos.

I used to hate lemon meringue pie when I was a kid. It would be the absolute last choice of pies: Anything with berries would be selected first, any type of fruit (apple, peach, cherry, hell I would love a slice of pie right now), any kind of cream pie  (especially banana or coconut), an Orange Dreamsicle pie which I just now decided how to make.

Can you possibly imagine a hearty bowl of red menudo with green onion, cilantro, red chiles and what else???



Seafood demands lemons to balance many of the different fishes and shellfish.

I can’t imagine enjoying a bucket of steamed cherrystone clams with drawn butter without LEMON.

I never liked the lemon candies growing up.

No Lemonheads.

No yellow Sweet Tarts.

No yellow Life Savers.

Fresh brewed Iced Tea with Lemon is the ultimate thirst quencher, unless you put it up against the incomparable Arnold Palmer—1/2 Iced Tea and ½ Lemonade.

I am not bullshitting anyone, I know.

There is NOTHING better than that “bite” at the back of your throat when that first cold beer goes down.

Cold, tart, and sweet lemonade is in second place, but it  is a distant second.

But back to lemons.

Some things colored yellow are deceptively yummy such as banana or pineapple popsicles.

Many of today’s giants of industry got their starts selling lemonade at a neighborhood stand of their own construction.

The little guys were so cute that you didn’t mind the wait or the fact you were overcharged and given the wrong amount of change.

Guess that’s how they become captains of industry.

I could never do it.

I don’t covet money that much.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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