Thoughts on a Sunday

I woke up this morning to the song Old Habits by Hank Williams Jr. bouncing around my noodle. I fired up a bowl and played the song so the day just got better for me.

I used to love watching the old CMT videos. I learned many a song from them. Learning and playing C&W music also allowed me to cross over when jobs in a rock band slowed down I could always do a solo or duo act in some country bars.

Now, with all the streaming options available on TV, there are so many documentaries I totally dig it. I have watched everything from serial killers to Hitler’s crimes and travel shows to every corner of the globe. Every animal that can be observed from birth to an entrée on Chef Bobby Flay’s show. I can watch movies in Spanish, French, Japanese, and German and I am cool with understanding the movie.

Where was all this stuff pre-pandemic?

As of this writing, I think the last stat I heard had us at about 35% vaccinated.

Keep it going. Get your kids vaccinated.

Give your children their future back, because they won’t be getting back any of this precious time already lost to the virus.

There, that’s the end of that thought.

There is this quail who perches on top of our cement wall fence from time to time. He always comes in the cool mornings when he does, and he is always in a cheerful sing-song mood. He will coo for literally hours on end. He has been doing this for about three weeks and yesterday, after we got home, I saw him up on his usual perch. As I walked up to the front door, he hopped down into the back yard. As I looked over the wall, I saw a female trailed by four of the tiniest little birdies you have ever seen.

Of course I left my phone in the car.

So it looks like the singing and cooing paid off big-time for my feathered friend.

Four times.

Love is cool no matter where you find it or who you find it with.

Why is it so easy for some people to hate?

I just don’t get it.

You do know that you die at the end of all this, right?

Why on God’s Green Earth would any reasonable, intelligent person waste even one second of their allotted time here by thinking or worse, spreading images, thoughts, or speech that causes harm to others?

I will say this in terms you will most certainly understand.

You are fucked up.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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