This was my second-ever post I made two years ago:

What the fuck is the matter with people?

That dumbfuck who tried to leave his dog on the side of the road should be put down.

For the good of humanity, as well as the animal world, he needs to go.

God Bless the family who took the discarded Nanook into their hearts.

They are going to heaven.

And since we are now in a nihilistic condition, people think there are NO rules and the rules in place do not apply to them.

People have given up.


Go live somewhere you can contact the virus and die alone, without imposing your Death Wish on any of the rest of us thinking individuals.

Abandon all hope.

On a lighter note, we are not abandoning hope on the arrival of a box of important papers that is supposed to be delivered today.

The traffic map of Cincinnati reminds me of the Phoenix traffic, which I don’t miss a bit.

Burn the masks; just make sure you have enough flame left for the cremation of your diseased offspring.

And quit crying out loud about your rights, child abuse, and all the other ignorant things you have been fed. You had to be fed these things; no rational person acts like you.

They want to live.

I am already sick of hearing of new Covid deaths of people who died with regrets of not getting vaccinated.

Too much shame to go around.

How do you live with the fact that you killed your child because of your reluctance to use your empty gourd, and protect them from this virus?

Don’t you get it?

Once you are in the hospital, fighting the symptoms, it is too late.

The vaccination can’t save you anymore.

Oh well, maybe the next generation of your family will have a better chance for survival.

Probably not.

So, instead of turning this into yet another Covid blog, I will let this be my last shot at those who refuse to get one.

This world is hard enough to get through a full life as it is.

Don’t hasten the end, but if you do, don’t waste a lot more time.

Do it now.

You will not be missed.

I think Karen and I are going to start wearing masks again for a while. I figure if ONE person sees us, maybe, just maybe, they might consider saving lives by wearing one themselves. I think that is what it will take—one shot at a time.

Back to Square One.

Crazier shit has happened.

As we await the paperwork and closing-the-house thing, it is with great anticipation and a little trepidation to start moving in.

I hope the inspection (this Friday) goes well, with no surprises that would hinder our purchase.

Wherever you are and whatever your affiliation, I wish you the wisdom to understand the seriousness of our collective situation and remember what it means to be a part of society; there is an obligation to protect the members of your community, and that includes yourselves and your families.

Like Nike says.

Just do it.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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