Home Sweet Home

We executed the contract yesterday and now we can finally rest from the frenetic cross-country Death Ride out from Arizona. We get to pack up all our belongings, unload the Highlander, and let our two loyal furry friends into their big privacy-fenced back yard. I think they are even entertaining the thought of swimming in the pool to get out of the muggy weather.

And we will be moving in.

In 30 days.

Closing houses in todays hot seller’s market takes at least a month.

If you’re lucky.

I don’t mind a bit having to pay a little above asking; we did very well when we were selling our Arizona abode.

Establishing roots in the community will be essential for our well-being, and so we move from our current hotel, one I will have to give a “7” out of 10, to a more prominent (read expensive), but well-appointed suite with beaucoup amenities.

Since this room came with a kitchenette, we did not know we were supposed to bring our own pots, pans, silverware, basically everything even though I was OK eating delivery from the Outback Steakhouse right next door to us.

So were Bruiser and Murphy.

Evidently, the Kid’s Cheeseburgers rated very high on the Woof-meter.

I’m getting antsy and will be buying a guitar any day know, as I have circled August 5th as an open mic I will be doing.

Keep you posted and my bro Allan might record, and you know I’ll post it here if he does.

The Path

She dissolved my sphere through sweet perfume

a Tubal Lily

Lost in the dark green of the forest

But I wasn’t afraid

A visitor in someone else’s house

without invitation

With reverence

I whispered her name

In apology

Thick with life, rotting, infested deadwood

Patience tried and discarded

The way home was clear

Look skyward and even higher

Take the Path

One of the first things I will be doing is to get my medical card changed from Arizona to Ohio. I’ll let you know how that whole thing goes when I do it.

Should be fun.

In the hotel we are staying, it is literally a mile away from King’s Island Amusement Park, and I can’t wait to go.

There is another blog in the making. It has been 50 years since my wife left here, and we decided we are going to be tourists and do all the touristy things.

We will have the benefit of doing these things in Dayton, where we will be, as well as the big Queen City down south.

You know we will be catching a Reds game, a Bengals game, and maybe even catch a UC Bearcat basketball game, just for starters.

I also want to do the Riverboat ride and see the best dining the city has to offer.

Back in the day it was La Maisonette.

And there was no question.

The only 5-star in the state, and it is my understanding there is no longer a member of that elite status.

Who wants to eat fat, buttery, creamy, salty, cholesterol-laden food that will most certainly shorten your life span?

Besides me?

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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