Where Are You Now?

I was blessed with eidetic memory of sorts.

I can remember the most minute details of things when I was TOO YOUNG to have any sort of memory collection. I mean, smells, real memories of events, people, even animal encounters.

I know, crazy right?

I even take it to the nth degree as you can well imagine.

I have the ability to feel imagined things.

You are thinking he’s so stoned even he doesn’t know it!


Well, not entirely wrong.

I can actually feel what it feels like to have your insides sting and burn, as a long knife slices through your gut and spills your intestines right onto your Tony Llama boots.

As a choir of children look on, confused, vomiting children.

The nth degree.

I have felt the burn of a real bullet inside the confines of my flesh, as well as the imagined situations where I was shot, knifed, or crushed to death.

Imagining you are being crushed to death is a sick one.

I can actually feel the separate bones break under enormous pressure as the shards poke their jagged splinters through my flesh. I feel my chest being crushed, deflating my damaged lungs and sinking my hopes for life.

I honestly fell like I already know what it will feel like to take the last breath of my life.

I’ve done it already.


I even imagined what it would actually feel like to be a contestant in Nathan’s annual pigfest. I could feel my jaws slacken, as I imagined stuffing hot dogs and soggy buns down my throat until the inevitable happened.

I threw up.

I could feel the reflux of stomach acid climb up my esophagus and I could actually pick out individual voices and conversations of people in the crowd, even going so far as recalling the slogans and logos of their t-shirts.

That’s when you know you’re fucked up.

I don’t want to jinx how good the weather is so far, but I have to share a few pictures of some of the land near the houses we have been looking at:

I can get used to this and some of the walking trails and MetroParks are money.

I am unable to record in this little hotel room, so I had every intention of including my rendition of what else?

Where Are You Now? by Dwight Yoakam.

So I owe you one.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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