Forrest Was Right

I suppose it is from all the time I spent in the pursuit of my own education combined with the time I spent helping other students attain their educational goals, that I have such a low tolerance for stupid people.

Not included in my disdain are pygmies, people dwelling in the outskirts of Siberia, or this, the most unkindest cut of all, citizens of the United States who do not have access to education and are therefore “behind the curve” and unable to attain a better quality of life. This contributes to a nihilist why-should-I-give-a-shit attitude….

For life.

Think about that the next time you are shelling out 300 bucks a day to rent an overpriced rental.

I did.

That’s where I got the idea for this post.

It came about because of the stupidity of the person I was paying my hard-earned dough to for the right to sleep in a dirty, understocked little cabin that I had hand-picked from six other properties.

It wasn’t the cheapest cabin either.

The TV did not work.

No problem: I didn’t head up to the mountains to watch the tube.

It did not have towels in the bathroom.

Problem solved, but it took three phone calls and 2 hours to receive them.

The water pressure in the shower wasn’t enough to drown a mosquito.

Problem solved, but now it’s getting late.

It was a long day with the drive up, the hike on one of the beautiful trails, and the unplanned trip to the town below because the stove did not work.

I did not review this company, you know there are only a couple decent sites, but I figured that as a writer, it would be unfair.

Like how a boxer can’t use his fists out of the ring because they are deadly weapons.

So I might not have written an indictment, but the MANY people I have spoken with in my life and travels know of this particular cabin in Prescott, AZ.

Don’t stay there.

It wasn’t the many issues we had, but I took offense because the owners seemed to give a shit about our weekend escape from the oppressing heat in Phoenix. I could see damn well that they really hoped we had not been successful when we called and kept calling.

When I finally got through (sixth time’s the charm), I could actually hear the woman who answered say “Jesus Christ, it’s them. I knew I shouldn’t have picked up.”

How charming and caring a person.

I was paying them so who’s the stupid one?

I have the solution.

For all the amateurish attempts of untrained people putting out food for exorbitant prices, for all the gas stations trying to squeeze the life out of travelers’ budgets, for the hotels which are still charging too much for too little—no room service, by request only simple housekeeping, complimentary breakfasts reminiscent of what an inner-city school can provide, and the moving and storage people charging up the ass, all of it.

The solution?

Stay home.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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