An absolutely beautiful sunny day in southern Ohio, so we take a short trip to Englewood Metropark.

Karen took a short hike and I got out and stretched my leg with the help of my cane, but it was hurting like hell, so I sat in the car. My prosthetist is going to have me walking with no pain by Friday.

This park is also a wildlife refuge. I took a few pics that shows the promise of full greenery on the way.

Check it out:

There was no one there even though the weather was perfect and kids are out of school for Spring Break.

We stopped for lunch at a sports bar that was the only alternative to one of the fast food franchises that lined both sides of Main Street.

The beer battered fish and chips was money, although no bonus points for fresh cut fries. One bonus point awarded because they had malt vinegar.

What is this whole parkour thing?

Jumping, hopping, tucking, rolling.

Insane some of the athleticism these people display.

What I love (and admire) the most is the fearlessness.

There is far too much fear in this world.

Fear of doing or saying something offensive (hint: everything’s offensive anymore), fear of “missing out,” fear of dying, fear of living, I mean where the hell does it end?

Black people fear white people (and the police).

Mexicans fear the Immigration and Naturalization Service aka “la migra” (and the police).

White people fear being marginalized in a country that is still over sixty-percent white.

Liberals fear Conservatives.

Ukrainians don’t fear anybody.

My biggest fear is for the planet, because without it in harmony, we’re just passengers with an expiration date.

Old people fear too many things.

We should be taking better care of our elderly (and I’m not just saying that because I am now a member of that community). In many cultures, way older than our own, the elders are revered members of society. They are valued and appreciated for their wisdom and experience. They are often consulted.

In America, we shuffle them off to homes to be taken care of by strangers.

Don’t get me wrong.

These are dedicated special strangers who are helping others.

Always remember, they chose their profession; they weren’t drafted into the position, so don’t ever give crap to a medical professional, because believe me, they care WAY more than anyone else.

It is maddogg’s belief that everyone should die under the care of their family.

Is it difficult?

Probably the most difficult thing you will be called upon to do in your entire life.

Is it frustrating and infuriating?

More than you’ll ever know. You will question why you ever agreed to it. It is becoming the bane of your miserable existence.

Will it impose on your schedule and interrupt yours, and your family’s routine?

You’d might as well forget that; those days are history.


Will I lose sleep due to exhaustion and worry?

Quit asking questions, asshole.

It’s your family.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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