Shaking in my Boots

Ooh, I’m so scared. That little bald Russian lawn gnome Putin is making a whole lot of threats to the United States.

Is anyone else frightened at the words of a bungling idiot who can’t even take a small country with no resources?

If this failed Ukrainian debacle is any indication, perhaps that little dipshit should conduct the rest of the war from the bridge of the Moskvo, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet.

Oh wait…

War has a way of making liars out of people.

Joe Biden lied when he said he would not drill for oil on public lands. Since he is fucking up the U.S. response to the genocide in Ukraine, he is desperate to find something positive for the media to report.

Hey ladies, careful what you ask for.

Your aging heartthrob Johnny Depp is being exposed as both a giver and receiver of domestic abuse.

Now that they have arrested the subway shooter Frank James, a couple questions.

How the hell did he escape in the first place? The guy is as big as a mountain.

How do you open fire in a crowded subway car and not kill anybody? (Thank you God).

I really don’t think his defense of wanting to watch people die in front of him will serve him well in his upcoming trial. If they bring Linda Dudikoski up from Georgia to prosecute, just go ahead and read him his last rites now.


So Canada, which is dependent on the orange-fleshed fish to the tune of 808 million Canadian dollars annually, has seen that number drop by a hundred million dollars in the past four and a half years.

They have totally ignored a critical study which they were given over ten years ago that showed there is a link from both farmed and wild salmon to a virus.

Totally disregard the report until you can’t ignore it any longer.

Two words for you.

Soylent Green.

I see that the Aussies have come up with a great solution to being inundated with refugees. They simply send all illegal immigrants to deserted islands or atolls. I think that should serve as a major deterrent to people seeking asylum. If they know it is no use to try and enter a country, they will seek refuge elsewhere. That is exactly what the Australian government wants.

They hide behind any humanitarian concerns by saying these actions will eliminate the human trafficking.

It won’t.

People are evil.

Smart move thinking you can just relocate people to any damn country that will accept them. A list which is shrinking daily.

Send a boatful of refugees to Rwanda where there are a million other people trying to leave.

Maybe if the United States put the word out which cities, counties, and states were allowable for settlement, people might think twice. The problem is, no matter where these immigrants could relocate, they would all be in Mississippi.

I have decided I have finally taken a stance on ILLEGAL immigrants.

Maddogg has once again come up with a workable plan to address this issue:

  • Full citizenship required which would include a mandatory three-year probationary period. (Taxes)
  • No one can enter the country unless they are animal lovers and they don’t piss me off.

Check out this attempt at a Johnny Cash classic:

I’ve Been Everywhere

Stay well.

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