But I’m Not the Only One

Twenty-eight days until my gig at the nursing home so I always send an invitation to Robin Meade to come to watch and hopefully, sing, at one of my shows.

Karen says I have unrealistic expectations.

Just because she hasn’t come yet means absolutely nuthin’ (like WAR!).

I wrote about her laugh and how she doesn’t hold back with any cute giggly Hollywood hee-hee, no, no. Her laugh comes from the belly and her laugh is the sexiest thing about her. Like a truckdriver’s roar.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to her today:

Hi Robin.

I am a huge fan and my wife of thirty-five years and I watch every day.

She thinks I am unrealistic; a dreamer if you will.

I always send you an email whenever I play out. I am a singer-songwriter-guitarist and I play out as “Maddogg.”

It is my understanding you get some time on occasion away from your desk.

I am playing for a small group of nursing home residents at the Promedica Nursing Home in Miamisburg, on May 20th at 2 pm. I think it would be really something.

If you don’t make it (again) I totally understand.

Man, but to see my wife’s face after all these years of requesting and her saying I’m unrealistic.


God Bless,

Mark “Maddogg” Diaz

Crazier things have happened is one of the weapons in my arsenal.

We went to a cool town called Yellow Springs today. It is southeast of Columbus and what a cool vibe. The main street reminds me of all the hippie shops, head shops, crazy boutiques, and a slew of eating places like Fourth Avenue used to be like in Tucson.

She still might.

Those were the days of Luke Olson’s powerhouse basketball teams. Led by Herm Harris and Bob “Big Bird” Elliott, the teamed with Mike Bibby and led the team to the National Championship. And where do you think they chose to riot and burn cars, you know, the usual celebratory stuff?

Why Fourth Avenue, of course.

I never got that.

You are rioting, but hold on a second.

You WON!

What could lead you to violence and destruction of property?


I asked you a question.

You WON.

The answer, of course is drugs and alcohol.

The same things that cause anyone to do crazy shit like that.

I never once got violent when I was stoned.

Not one time in fifty years of smoking pot.

I really wish my mom was a pothead. I know that’s another goofy-sounding thing to say, but if she indeed was a toker, she’d still be alive and with me today, instead of taken too early by cigarettes.

I have reached out to the Dayton Humane Society and I want to donate the tips I receive when I play out. Also, for the upcoming nursing home show, I am having them write the fifty-dollar equipment setup/breakdown check to the Humane Society, c/o Maddogg.

Never knew I cared so much in my old age.

Pretty cool.

Stay well.

Check out the pictures from Yellow Springs:

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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