Mea Culpa

I am only posting a shorty becauses I have an 8-11 show tonight and I really have to nail this performance. In the Miami Valley where I call home, there are a ton of venues to play, both for pay and for practice (open mics).

I love it here.

Here is my playlist for tonight:

Longhaired Redneck

One Headlight

Against the Wind

King of the Road

Hello Darlin

Grundy County Auction

The Letter



Wild Horses

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot

Wild Horses

I Love a Rainy Night

When You Say Nothing at All

That’s the first set.

Thanks for following.

I will post tomorrow’s blog early tomorrow morning.


PS: Tribute to my hippieness: I start and close very gig with Imagine.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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