Pure Love

I experienced it last night at the Lucky Star Brewery.

It was not the crowd I had hoped for, but you will catch every musician saying that at one time or another.

My friend Sarah Denny showed up.

She is a trip (and a budding ukulele star).

It was when there were just a few people watching me when I said to myself, you’re an actor. Act like this is a full house and Robin Meade finally answered one of your many letters and is in the audience.

Pure love.

I remembered the very first paying gig I ever had as a member oif the Baby Beatles.

Third place in the Upper Heyford High School talent contest of 1967.

Look it up.

I do not recall who actually WON the contest, but I do remember them as being uniquely talented, and therefore deserving of first place.

The real talent was in the second-place finishers.

They were incredible.

It was if all the hot babes in the entire school got together (there were about a dozen of them) and they were dressed in bustiers and teddies, HOT lingerie.

You know I voted for them.

I played one of my songs that Karen has heard me playing foir decades and she just realized that I actually wrote the song.

I looked to her and, as we do when we shut out the rest of the world, our eyes met in an instantaneous all-knowing moment.

She stayed through every note of my three sets.

My girl.

I look to get re-booked there someday, as it has the coolest vibe. I will definitely continue to try new songs at the open mic every Wednesday.

My next gig is for the Kingston Nursing Home on June fifteenth.

Here are a few clips my wife got:

Pancho and Lefty
Gimme One Reason

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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