What is She Missing?

Just exactly what doesn’t she understand about the whole man-woman, male-female, husband-wife dynamic?

Now before I launch into my well-developed thought provoking ideas on exactly who should bear the mantle of Head of the Household, let me start by saying , and I believe the latest poll, oddly enough, was something like 95% of all women agree that they are at fault in any arguments or conflicts that may arise in their lives.

Staggering statistic.

You see, as much as women want power, they are smart enough to know a title doesn’t stop them from running the whole damn show anyway.

Maddogg adores women.

In the novel I am continuing to work on, women are indeed the dominant gender and the power dynamic and educational disparity is reversed with some unpredictable consequences.

I went to a couple parks today with my two Cocker Spaniels and my wife. The leaves in this area are less prominent in the landscape, but every so often, you will catch a fire-red tree or a patch of black-limbed shocking bright yellow leaves and it is awesome.

Check out the pictures I got:

So she goes to take pictures of this red tree for me, saving me the walk on the uneven landscape.

Very nice of her.


And when I tell her (as always, very nicely with all respect) “Honey, when you take any pictures for me, please don’t show any evidence of anything man-made if you can avoid it.

So she comes back and proudly hands me the phone to check out the pictures she took for me.

First pic show’s a beautiful tree….and a dirty road.

Second pic has a beautiful tree…and a bunch of low-lying electrical wires.

Third pic shows a beautiful tree…and a lawn mower.

The fourth picture shows a beautiful tree…and the guy who was mowing the lawn.

So at least she is a non-paid photographer.

Be nice to everyone you meet or come in contact with today.

And don’t stop.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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