I Just Knew It

There are a few nice stories of people doing nice things all over the world. Heartwarming stories of people adopting pets, children, and doing good deeds without asking anything in return.

So as soon as I start to feel a twinge of optimism for the human race, I see the compilation of children stealing bowls of candy on Halloween because they are human scum and were raised by human scum to be filthy rotten thieves and most likely, lifelong criminals.

They make a good case for abortion.

Our country will never return to its former glory.


It wasn’t just the kids stealing.

Parents, too.

If the parents of children are not doing their jobs and raising good, honest, productive citizens of the planet, it doesn’t matter anyway.

We’re doomed.

Oh, it will take a while; long after I have departed, that’s for certain.

I love writing this daily blog; it is one of my true pleasures in life. When I started out, I really was careful to try not to offend anyone.


You just can’t say anything to anybody anymore without offending them. And I would be OK with that, if that were the case.

But, no.

You not only offend them, you go against everything they were raised to believe was right, and you call into question their morality, intelligence and motivation.

Give me a fucking break.

If you live in this country and you are moved to militant action, get the fuck out of here and go to Ukraine; they could use your help. Don’t storm our nation’s capital and make horses asses out of yourselves and the others in your movement.

Hold on a second; I’ll be right back.

There, I just had a movement all my own.

And it stinks about as much as yours.

They are finally getting around to giving Texas lawmen active shooter training in the wake of the last wave of school shootings.

And they are shooting each other.

Maybe next time there is a problem, don’t call the police.

Especially if you are gay in Qatar.

You know, just because a country has amazing architecture and a lot of money does not make it civilized. Qatar has a horrible record on human rights. Why on earth would you want to go there?

Just ask Brittney Griner.

So an unnamed Premier League footballer has to undergo surgery after he was engaging in “hard” sex. Now, it’s not enough that you are a young, good-looking millionaire sports star, but now the word is out on your sexual prowess.

You love it.

As up as I was on Saturday night after my Fighting Irish spanked Clemson, down I go on Sunday as little Aston Villa kicked the shit out of my bloody Manchester United Red Devils. The ups and downs, the drama, it is all part of the magic of sports.

I’m so glad I started playing tackle football at age six and sports have been a big part of my life ever since.

Karen is the complete opposite.

Guess that’s why we are at 35 years and counting.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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