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What the hell is it with everyone taking plane videos of rude or unruly passengers when they are travelling?

Watch the movie.


If someone is being a real asshole and threatening to disrupt my itinerary, then you have my blessing to throw them out of the plane when it climbs to 10,000 feet.

So the big news from the royal family is that King Charles likes to enjoy a pre-meal martini.

I knew I liked that homely-looking dude.

When I was introduced to martinis was right about the same time that I was introduced to older women.

I used to get off work as a waiter, which I was doing part-time at a major Hotel and Casino on the Strip. After my shift I would go to this little dive bar that featured jazz and other slow, dreamy music. There was a bar full of ladies that had a little mileage on them; maybe a husband at work and a kid left alone at home. In Las Vegas, you don’t have to worry about the desperation of bar closing; but believe me the heavy makeup and clouds of cigarette smoke did nothing to dampen the spirits of quite possibly, the horniest guy on the planet (me).

After my girlfriend left me for greener pastures, I met many acquaintances there and we enjoyed a lot of “sleepovers.”

I love instant Karma.

Big fan.

I am still laughing at this story of some douchebag that knocked himself unconscious running into a plate glass window as he attempted to flee the store with 18k of Louis Vuitton bags.

This brings several things to mind.

I don’t know which is more obscene; The fact the bags were valued at eighteen thousand dollars, or the fact that they only had two bags. And what is it that it is only Louis Vuitton merchandise that is being targeted? Kind of a reverse marketing stratagem.

And to show that greed, sadism, and cruelty are not just an American skillset, two monsters in Great Britain were arrested for the unspeakable horrors and cruelty they were responsible for.

Pity not only the children, but the thirty-five dogs they found in the house.

So you read about cold cases being solved decades later, if ever. I don’t care when it is; pick their asses up and let them rot their remaining days in prison.

Hell yes, I prefer they get caught right away, but never does not sit well with me.

I played the front nine at Pipestone Golf Club today, and I came damn close to shooting a 45.

But no.

Wheels fell off.


The weather is outrageous with it being 65 and sunny today. Just me, my buddy Charlie, and the squirrels.

Tomorrow’s blog will be my request to Robin Meade to show up at one of my upcoming shows again.

She has yet to attend when I have asked her before, but you never know.

Besides, if she ever does, Karen will just s___.

Stay well.

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