Absolute Laziness

Well, once again in my life I have started something I was so excited about and have not shown any follow-through. I started my blogging career, made a few posts to try this blogging thing out, and then just stopped. But since I am also an obsesso-compulso, I am going to spend today catching up all the past days’ posts so that I will have all the boxes checked by the end of the day.

I am now fully committed to completing my first novel If Only… It is based on my idea of what today’s world would look like if only the very first time man raised his fist to strike woman, she blocked his attempt at harm and knocked him out cold with her fist! The most fun to me about writing this book is that I get to research all the important women in history to set context for the book and to imagine all the different possibilities in several areas including politics, sports, family, medicine, education, science, and crime. I believe there will be some surprises from both genders as they decipher my vision. I believe female leadership at the highest levels of government, and that implies government of the largest countries: USA, Russia, and China, will be the avenue to lead to the WORLD equality which women deserve. I am a bit biased in this matter because I married a very strong woman and I only want the best for her. The thought of limits placed on her (glass ceiling) or my nieces infuriates me.

“You’ve come a long way baby.” Remember that ad for Virginia Slims cigarettes? Congratulating women for actually being able to smoke? How truly benevolent! If I was a woman, my reaction would be: fuck you.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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