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Red Dawn Theory

          The 1984 movie Red Dawn starring Patrick Swayze and his role revived by Chris Hemsworth in 2012, provides the basis for my theory about how we do, and how we should, think.

Here’s the situation: You are at work talking to some co-workers and you start to realize that John Yamato absolutely cannot stand Americans. He can’t forgive his ancestors’ treatment in the California Internment camps.  Brandi Lou Shields, born in the heart of Dixie, despises Yankees, more specifically anyone born outside of the great state of Alabama. Alaina cannot stand the thought of ever touching a black person. Carrie is not too keen on Mexicans, Dejuan has been taught to distrust all “crackers,” and so on, and on it goes.

You look out the large windows at the sun just emerging over the mountains, and it looks like another beautiful day in the making. The world is in its perpetual state of temporary peace.

You make your way to the restroom and when you return, you see parachutes floating gracefully to the ground. The soldiers release their ‘chutes and start shooting everything in sight, including your office windows.

We all have our own luggage, but the Red Dawn Theory says that if the beautiful day in the making were to turn dangerous and even life-threatening, (such as maybe parachutists dropping from the sky shooting everything in sight), we will all of us, every one of us, forget any biases and prejudices we may harbor and work to preserve life as a collective. A TEAM working TOGETHER.

So you would see John, Brandi Lou, Alaina, Carrie, and DeJuan all working with a real US vs THEM mentality.

Well, guess what people? We are ALL little beings floating on a rock in space and if other life forms were to arrive and threaten life as we know it, I really hope the Red Dawn Theory kicks in.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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