Coffee or Tea?

          I never drank even one cup of coffee in my entire life until I was 60 years old. Now, I have one or two small cups every morning. I’m very exacting in how I mix my delectable early-morning treat. I like a little sugar-free vanilla creamer, and a splash of whole milk or half & half. That’s it. Nothing else. No cinnamon, foam, chocolate, or syrup of any kind. If it is made ANY other way, I will not drink it! The old ball and chain (aka my soulmate Karen) says I am a baby about it. I don’t understand the Coffee Explosion which spawned 5 dollar cups of coffee and made Starbucks a 6th food group for breakfast. I actually worked at a restaurant that offered 10-cent cups of coffee! I guess Karen might be right on this one thing. I’m old. Personally, I do not find coffee addicting in the slightest. This is something which completely befuddles my wife, a lifelong coffee drinker. The most awesome thing about blogging, is I get to wake up every morning with a nice cup of coffee, a bowl, and start to write about anything I want. Then I spend more time researching and blocking out my novel. I also get to do this all the while spending all day long with the one person on this planet that I love more than myself. I love life and almost everything about it.

I started drinking tea in Japan. Tea was served with all meals as well as throughout the day and night. We lived in a small village and I had several young Japanese friends. Japanese was the first language I learned and I fell in love with the culture. I had a girlfriend Shichiko, who taught me everything to know about tea and how to blend into any group that would happen to be taking tea. When we moved to England, it was like making the leap to the Big Leagues. The British will sit and tell you (over tea, of course), that THEY invented tea, all the while sipping their Indian Darjeeling steeped leaves. I got to taking my tea with milk and always refer to it as a cup of “Charlie.” I got this expression from a British man-servant named Hickson, who called it that. We were living in a manor house near the Thanes River in Oxford and it was he who taught me that tea was the Great Equaliser. Kings and paupers took tea all the same, he told me, so respect whoever it is you take tea with. Love the Brits. So it begs the question Coffee or Tea? Is both an answer?

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

4 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea?

  1. I love your post! It made me think and laugh at the same time. Well, I enjoy both, tea and coffee. It just depends on the time of the year for me. Once it starts getting cold here in Maryland, USA, I love to drink tea with my meals or read wine. When the weather starts turning warm, good bye red wine and hot tea, and hello iced tea.


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