Good Things Come…

…to those that wait. One year away from international competition seemed like forever for the world’s most prestigious football club and we are now back in Champion’s League play where we belong. I take everything back that I said about Erik Ten Hag. He isn’t a bald little faggot, he isn’t a doddering asshole, heContinue reading “Good Things Come…”

And You Wonder Why…

They keep doing dumb shit in Texas; they have become a punchline for police inaction and cowardice, the political leaders can do no right when it comes to abortion, and they had to postpone a high school graduation because there were not enough students that qualified to get their diplomas. So, as the old dumbassesContinue reading “And You Wonder Why…”

Can’t Do It

Nope. The only Queen I have known in my lifetime called her “Queen Consort” and that’s what she shall remain. Relax. She will not succeed the King were he to expire. Charles’ progeny will continue the lineage Oh, I’m sure I will hear it about this, but you know me. British women, on the whole,Continue reading “Can’t Do It”

Once Again I Was Right

Too much, too soon. America, in it’s zeal to stand up on a soap box, beat its chest, and proclaim: “We are inclusive, open-minded, and the United States of America embraces everyone and everything under the sun,” blah, blah, blah… Really? With identity such a hot topic, I hear hate speech every day it seems.Continue reading “Once Again I Was Right”


Mr. I-am-sending-a rocket-into-space-just-because-I-can Elon Musk once again looked like a horse’s ass when his much-ballyhooed marvel of technology blew up minutes after being launched out into the mist. His Starship, er, Sinkship is being fished out of the Atlantic Ocean. People are wondering “why isn’t NASA doing these space forays? Why is a private companyContinue reading “OOPS!”

Post #800!

I woke up this morning with the worst throat cold ever, but I couldn’t blow off practice, so I showed up anyway. Just my (our) luck. I have been madly, vainly, searching for a drummer to hook up with us and complete the band. So not one, or two, but three potential drummer-bandmates have askedContinue reading “Post #800!”

Fool Me Once

You know the rest of the saying… It’s about learning from your mistakes, and the time, if ever, that it takes to turn a mistake into a learning lesson. The truth of the matter is that some people never learn. Call it a learning disability in the most clinical sense, but the undeniable fact ofContinue reading “Fool Me Once”

Act Like You’ve Been There

I’m really getting tired of the Blue news and how the different newscasters carry that same smug nod-nod-wink-wink salacious bullshit attitude as if they had anything to do with anything. Instead of mobilizing to accomplish something of merit, they are content to keep fanning the flames of revolution. The thing is, there aren’t enough peopleContinue reading “Act Like You’ve Been There”

Oh Joy!

Baldy Pooty-Poot-Putin is having to impose a mandatory draft on hundreds of thousands of his people to use as human fodder on the Ukrainian front. The female Russian medics sent to the front lines have it worse. They are being sexually abused and passed around by officers for their personal satisfaction. Trump says he “feelsContinue reading “Oh Joy!”


I never liked them and still don’t. I learned my lesson early; or you think I would have learned my lesson when I was four years old. Mom had taken my brother, sister and I to a park in East Los Angeles. My memory has been aided by other accounts, and here is evidently howContinue reading “Bullies”