Good Karma

Everyone needs it. Karma is tangible to those of us who believe in it. It is inevitable. Putin needs good karma if anyone ever did. He was humiliated to the point of pity at his Big Day celebration of his “swift and efficient” defeat of Ukraine. Except the Ukrainians didn’t get the memo. They didContinue reading “Good Karma”

Catching Up

Whew! It has been a very busy week and today we both felt it. We ended up laying around and watching movies and reruns of Special Victims Unit. On top of that the temperature dropped as snow appeared, probably for one of the last times as Spring takes center stage. Believe I will post someContinue reading “Catching Up”


I was on another unknown road I took on my personal odyssey in the seventies. We were up in the beautiful Wasatch mountains of Utah. A beer in one hand, a doobie in the other, and my German Shorthaired Pointer Chopper with his head out the passenger window, pink tongue flapping in the wind. IContinue reading “Mom’s”


I hate them. Not for what they are, but what they represent. Man’s dominion over the animal world. Sometimes I get so stoned that I wish there were this benevolent large animal that has just had it up to here and has had enough. I hope this animal would spend a few days out inContinue reading “Zoos”


You know, the little round things you are supposed to set your drinks on instead of the furniture. See, I never had to worry about watermarks or stains with my first apartment’s ensemble. You could put beers, hell, you could spill beers, drinks, food, you name it. It wouldn’t hurt the appearance or the functionalityContinue reading “Coasters”

Mea Culpa

I apologize. I didn’t even have to receive a thump upside my noggin by Karen. In my post this past Sunday on musicals, I referenced a “gay gene” contributing for my love of the theater. You would think in this day and age (that is an OLD person’s saying) that a learned individual (guilty asContinue reading “Mea Culpa”