As Promised

As the nineties were beginning, I found myself in a tiny recording studio in Texas, Ohio. I hooked up with a badass bluegrass harp player and a shred-metal bass player and we laid down some tracks as a demo cassette. The harmonica player and I ended up gigging out as Blue Country, and the bass player and I gigged out as Pancho and Lefty. Josh was the prototypical shred-metal bassist. Wild hair down to his waist, he could shred with the best of them. So it was cool watching dude do his thing in little country dives. Lots of fun. Anywho, one of the songs on the demo was called I Wouldn’t Trade You (Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare). I actually received interest in the form of a phone call from a major Nashville recording studio, but it came at the worst time. We were moving back to Arizona and I missed out on that particular opportunity.

Take a listen here and let me know what you think.

I Wouldn’t Trade You

Talking about missed opportunities, I always refer back to the tenets and principles espoused by Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven. The road not taken represents a different opportunity somewhere, for someone else. They may have used your missed chance as their chance to contribute something magnificent to the world. If you have not read this book yet, treat yourself to the words of this master storyteller. You absolutely will not finish the book without feeling better about your past, present, and future. He also wrote Tuesdays With Morrie.

So one of the many opportunities God has provided me I actually took advantage of, was the chance to shake the hand of Astronaut and Senator John Glenn. I was only eight, living in Japan, and our Cub Scout den went to Tokyo to meet Mr. Glenn. I remember him as the first hero I ever met. He was so gracious, taking a little extra time to spend with us despite urgings from “his people” to keep things moving. That same Cub Scout group allowed us to take a tour of the carrier USS Ticonderoga. Amazing. I believe that is where I really started to get interested in becoming a fighter pilot on an aircraft carrier.

So do not rue the roads you have not taken. Recognize them as the chances they are to take different roads which hold even greater possibilities.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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