Turn the Page

I know, I know, I promised not to turn this into a boring political blog, like the world needs another one of those. Just let me get this out of my system. On this historic day, our country transitions power from one presidency to the next. As an American, I support whoever is the President of the United States, regardless of bipartisan affiliation. I do this because the last time I checked, it was The United States of America NOT The Republican United States or the Democratic United States.

Turn the page is not only a badass Bob Seger song, but good advice to EVERYBODY. Republicans AND Democrats. The Pulse of the Nation, aka my wife Karen, is gloating effusively now that the shock of the revolt has subsided and her choice for president is taking his sacred oath of office. Nothing worse than a sore loser except maybe a bad winner. Win with class. Respect the process. Turn the page.

OK, enough politics. At least that type of politics.

How about office politics? I admit it, I was the worst. No give or take. I would NOT kiss ass to get ahead. I have no doubt I would have been much more successful had I done so, at least on occasion, but nooooooo. Mr. Know-it-all dumbass. Mr. Untenable. I showed them. That’s me all over again. I mean let’s face it. A certain amount of kissing up is necessary to advance in well, just about anything.

I was somewhat exempt from that requirement as an Executive Chef. You could talk all the shit you want, but if you can’t go into ANY kitchen, be the best cook at every station, get a staff trained and fine-tuned, and run great P&L numbers, let’s just say you couldn’t BS your way into that job. When I put myself in position to attain bigger success either my own excesses or my inability to rein in my enormous ego proved insurmountable, but I showed them.

 So, apart of me applauds the rebel acting against convention, and the other part of me knows that their efforts will prove futile. Just kiss ass and move on.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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